Saturday, March 15, 2008


Matt's game against Montana at home for Senior Night.

Getting ready during the national anthem!

Annie, Mikkel, and I at one of the ISU gameS!

Matt, Logan and Amorrow...the three Amigos.

AAAA...I cut my hair. Mikkel and I.
SUPERFAN!!! He counted how many free throws he made the other team miss each game, and then ran with his flag after every bucket. He has a lot of energy!

Matt blocking Collison's shot..woo woo!


Anna said...

Chelsey...found your blog from Heather's. Looks like you are having a fun time. You are still beautiful, as always...and I love your hair. Your husband sounds like quite the player. Good job! :)
I love this blogging thing so we all can stay in touch better. Talk to you later.

Logan & Lisa said...

Love the pictures Chels! (:

The Enslingers said...

Yeah Chelsey! Way to be! I am proud of you for starting a blog! By the way, tell Matt those are some pretty sweet pictures, especially the block of the UCLA guy!!

Tanya said...

Chelsey! I found your blog on Stacy's blog. I LOVE your hair short by the way. It looks great!

I have a blog too.

The Enslingers said...

Chels! I am awaiting more fun, cute pictures of the little Stucki family! How are you? Isn't it wonderful to have bball season over and have your hubby back home! I am thoroughly enjoying having my husband home and knowing it will be awhile before he goes on any more road trips! Share some more! I hope all is great with you!!

lisa said...

oh chelsey my dearest.. i am lovin the ball pictures!! you both are lookin spectacular!!! but i just wanted to say hi and i miss your family! y'all need to come back and visit again!!!

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