Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Shoots..

So...I went to Salt Lake for a few days with my mom before Matt got home from Wisconsin. Her and her friend had a little party taking pictures of him. We have about 100 but I just thought I would put a few up. Matt got in Friday night and we picked him up at the airport and took a few family pics. I started feeling so much better the past few days and love it!! Still a little sleep deprived, my mom was a Huge help with that. We are now back home without my moms we will see how things go from here on out!! But we are both very glad to have dad back home to spend some time with him!!! :)
Poor little guy was holding onto Matt's arm for dear life!!!
Our little trick was to put his pacifire in his mouth and then take it out really quick before the picture, well... he caught on and had a death grip on it! It was kind of cute, so we took some more pictures of thaT!!
We gave him a bath and his little strands of hair are soo curly when they are wet!
My mom also had fun laying him everywhere she could and just taking pictures! It kept him awake for a good part of the day and he slept soo good last night!!
So..these were actually taken in the hospital by my grandma. He happened to be wide awake when she came in and she sent them to me so I thought I would put them up!

Comparing Matt's hand and his


Diana said...

He is sooo cute!! Love the family pictures. Good luck on your own!

Mike and London said...

chelsey!!! he is so so so cute. omg i can't believe you have a little boy. he is so adorable. i check your blog pretty much everyday looking for pictures. oh! and guess what..we were driving back from idaho falls last night and there is a billboard and there is a picture of matt on it. it was should be proud. and mike has an ipod touch and we were looking at the news section and there was a thing on matt on there too. your husband is famous.

SiKa FaMiLy said...

Oh thanks Chels.... I keep thinking today will be the big day, well I just think i need to not think that and then it will happen!!!! ha ha :) I LOVE the photos, the big family one of you guys is so awesome!!!!! You look gorgeous, and your boys are as handsome as ever... :) I don’t think i can wait any longer for our little guy to get here, I am so excited... Well glad Matt is home with you guys... Give that little Colton a hug for me… xx :)

Abby said...

Chelsey..oh my goodness Colton and Is SOOOOO CUTE!! I really need to come see him soon! You are amazing and I can't believe you are a mom now! It is so exciting! If you need anything let me know!! Really I mean anything like a babysitter so you can take a nap or something! love ya

Stacy said...

Chels he is adorable. Keep the pictures coming! I love the family one at the top of your blog. Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Love you!

The Henry's said...

He is so beautiful!

Winters said...

He is so look awesome too by the way! Matt has been playing so so good I wish we could watch him play!!

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