Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No camerA!

So- My camera broke a couple of weeks ago-- right before my mom lefT! I have been deprived of taking pictures of Colton!! I think I have plenty, but I might miss a big moment in his life! Oh well, my wonderful friend MIKKEL is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and bringing my new camera that I ordered !! Kind of a sweet deal that I get a newer/better camera :)
Anyway, since I have NO pictures of Colton to share- I thought I would update Matt and basketball :) Everyone keeps asking me about it, and I realize I am so caught up with being here in Germany- I forget the reason we ARE HERE!
Although this picture is small (i got it off of a website) I love it! His team went a couple of weeks ago to the radio station nearby, and had interviews and a photo shoot. I wish I could get the real pictures because they are really nice.
And here is his team MBC- This picture was taken inside of the gym that they play in. His team was in the PRO-A league last year (which is the second league in Germany) Anyway, they won it so they moved up to the BBL (top league in Germany) and were predicted to get knocked back down after this year. ANYWAY- they are doing SOO good in it. They are tied for 3rd place, and are 6-2. They have beat some of the top teams in the league. I guess there have been a bunch of articles about their team/coach (I wouldn't know because I can't read them).

As far as Matt- he is doing okay. He said sometimes he feels like a freshman in college again having to learn a new system, style, etc. He really enjoys it, but obviously they are frustrating times. The games are soo much fun to go to though, they have a VIP room with lots of dang good food, and the fans are crazy, and because his team is doing so well it is fun to see them winning! We have had a lot of time to think about what we want to do in the future, and if coming here is going to lead us in another direction, or teach us something, or what the purpose of us being here is? I guess that is how life works though, and we might never know? We are just enjoying being here for now and learning about another culture that is sooo sooo different from ours (one of these times I will blog about all of the differences I have been noticing)

ANyway, Colton got sick this past week. This is really the first time he has been sick! I think maybe one or two times he has had a stuffy nose for a day or two, but it always went away. This team it stayed, and it seems to be getting worSE! He is, however, sleeping amazing. I think he is just more tired and he loves his sleep time. And other than being a whole lot whinier (sp), I can't really complain. I can't believe he will be a year old in a few weeks. You always hear everyone say that, but now I see WHY!

A few things about Colton before he turns 1:

He LOVES his dad. I think I see it more and more every day. Matt walks in the room, and Colton goes crazy. I always thought that would make me sad if he got more excited for Matt, but Nope, I love it! As long as he comes to me when he is tired and wants to cuddle :)

He LOVES LOVES LOVES stuffed animals (we put them in a pile, and he chucks them all behind him, turns around and does it again, when he sees them- he goes crazy), Books (he can flip through the pages for hours and keep himself entertained), and Little random toys so he can inspect every little thing on them (kind of weird)

He also loves to EAT. I don't think there has been one thing I have given him that he hasn't accepted. And he has probably tasted just about everything. Even the German food, he loves. Some of his favorites are corn, mandarin oranges, mushrooms, bread w/melted cheese, green beans, applesauce, yogurt, and our favorite cookie that we always eat w/chocolate in the middle (he chows the entire thing)

He loves being at Matt's games. We sit right behind the bench and there is a hand rail in front of us. He holds onto it and dances the entire game. He also does squats (haha, he just stands up, and squats down over and over) He also loves to watch everyone clap, and claps like a mad man. One of Matt's teammates has a little girl about 4 months younger than Colton. He probably checks to make sure she is still there every 5 minutes during the game, and then smiles when he sees her.

He likes to play a game with Matt where Matt pretends like he is ignoring him, so Colton will get up in his face and smack his face and as soon as Matt looks at him he squeals and starts crawling away. They could play that game all day (oooh..and they do)

Anyway, our little night time routine is my favorite. He loves his bath, and reading books, and when you bring his bottle in, he rips his pacifier out and chucks it on the ground and opens his mouth and starts whining for it...reallY?

Anyway, I always try and get him to say words, but pretty much he is too much of a busy body to waste time talking. He always says HEy when you walk in a room (kind of funny, hey?) and says dada all day long. He makes lots of different little noises though, and there are times it seems like he is trying so hard to tell me something, because he keeps tapping me and making noises, but I haven't quite figured out what it means?

Ok- So I got distracted on the basketball post....oops :)

P.S. Matt went to get a hair cut yesterday (FINALLy). We went in Halle, so JOdi went in with him to translate. I think their clippers are different numbers than ours because his hair is SOO short! He said it's the shortest he has ever had it. hehehe. I walked in and was laughing, but it is growing on me and I kinda like it. I am going to find a camera so I can take a picture of it :)


Anonymous said...

Help is on the way my friend! Whatever you need me to bring, I will! I'm so excited to come and see Matt play. I better get in the VIP room! See you soon!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I can't believe Colton will be a year old in a few weeks! That year went by so fast! I am glad you guys are doing so well. Glad to hear Matt's team is doing well. We miss you guys!

PDMe said...

So glad things are going well. Miss you guys. I feel like I am missing out on all the moments with Colton (I must be the Godfather or something). I think it may even be my responsibility to get out there and check up on him.

If you were wondering, things are good in Boise. Work and school are good and Kelly started swim season last month and is doing really well!!

Miss you guys. Don't even think for a second Colton isn't getting new shoes when you guys get back to the states. What's the date of his bday again??

We need to Skype!!


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