Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer has Come and Gone...

We are headed out to Moscow, Idaho in a little over a week and I can't believe the summer is over! I have been so excited to move to get settled into a routine and everything and now I can't believe it's here...and I'm feeling sad once again for moving Colton away from all his family!

I have had NO desire to blog. I have been SO sick and still am but I think I'm on the uphill slope (hopefully)

However, although I have just wanted to do nothing, we have managed to have a pretty fun summer :) The sad thing is, I have taken 0 pictures in about 3 months-- lucky for me lots of other people have so I was able to get their pictureS!!

Just last weekend my grandparents were here and did a photo shoot of Colton in the backyard...

He LOVES the hose!

My parents live near the airport, so every time an airplane goes by, Colton shows us.

We got ONE cheesy smile out of him!

He had a milkshake mustache he thought was Pretty cool!

We also took a trip to Island Park with my dad's side of the family...

This is the ONLy smile he gave to anyone there, it's his nervous smile!

Carli, my, mom and I and my cousin and Aunt hanging out on the dock!

Matt skiing, Colton LOved riding on the boaT! He even got to go on his first jet ski ride!

The Awesome cabin we stayed in!!

The next weekend, my cousin Tenille got married! SHe became a Stucki too ;) Colty waiting @ the temple!

My mom helped decorate, her colors were Zebra and Hot Pink-- SOOO cute!

The next weekend was the 24th of July...a big deal here in Utah- Pioneer Day! We got up EArly to get good seats at the parade, Colton sat here just like this the ENTIRE 3 1/2 hours we were there and watched the parade!

The float our stake did was AWESOME! My dad was partly in charge of it and him and Matt, and Tanner went and worked on it a ton!

We also got to go to the Days of 47 ROdeo..this is the only picture I got, but it was a lot of fun!

We have been SO BLESSED this summer with parents willing to let us live with them and let Colty run around their house..I am sure my mom will be so glad when her house is clean again Always...but I am sure she will be missing him too!

We are so excited for our new adventure...I'm just secretly wishing it was MOscow, Russia instead of Idaho ;)


Julie said...

Believe me girl, you do NOT wish it was Moscow Russia! Seriously. :) Happy for you in your new adventures and hope you start feeling well soon!

Stacy Christian said...

Chelsey, I am so bummed I will be just barely missing you in Utah. I'll get out there August 24th for Dean's wedding. And I'm bummed you won't be here this Thursday for the mini high school reunion we're having at my house. We'll miss you! Good luck with the move and with feeling better!

The "Hix" Family said...

Hey Chelsie! It was so fun seeing you all last week. Your little family is so dang cute & we can't wait for your new baby girl!! How exciting is that! Good Luck with your new adventure! We will miss you.

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