Friday, August 26, 2011

We're back home

We had such an awesome summer. I didn't blog much, my camera is broke, I can still take pictures but I can't see what I am taking the pictures of until I put them on the computer :) We celebrated my 27th birthday and our 5th anniversary this summer. Matt and I got to go to dinner and stay in a hotel all by ourselves! We went up to Jackson Hole, we went to Bear Lake and we just hung out with family, spent a lot of evenings outside and eating raspberries from the garden :) All in all, it was a wonderful summer filled with lots of fun memories!!

     Leaving Pocatello was So sad. Everytime I go home or live near home, as we are driving away I say, "why do we live so far away from family" (as I am crying) But, as we got closer to Moscow, I got excited to see all of our friends, our ward, meet new people, have new experiences, and those tears were dried right up! I still miss family but we really enjoy our little life up here.

    I was especially nervous about Colton. He LOVES his grandparents. He was a little bit older this summer and really got to know them and it broke my heart to take him away. For the first few days when we were up here if we would discipline him in any way, he would run crying to the door yelling, GA-GA (grandma). We would get in the car and I would say, where do you want to go, he would say, "GA-GA house!" And yes, he still does that every once in a while, but there are so many new kids around here, and he has all of his toys back and well, he is 2, life is good.

    We have been back for almost 2 weeks and have gotten all settled into a 3 bedroom apartment instead of a 2 bedroom, which is Wonderful :) After 7 long months, Miss Mylee is not in our bedroom anymore. We have met SO many new people, and have seen all of our Wonderful friends from last year and have actually played quite a bit!! I feel like life has been a party (minus taking care of 2 kids (one who is sick), and Matt having to go to school 10 hours a day :))

    Little Miss Mylee is 7 1/2 months old today. She has been crawling for a month, and is getting pretty dang fast.  She is also grabbing on to things and standing up...yikes!  She loves when I put her in Colton's room (the toy room) and they can just go at it.  The only problem is, everything he has in his hand, she wants.  He actually tries to be really nice, he will say, "Here baby" give her the toy, and move on to something else.  She will suck on it for a second and then head back towards him for the new toy he has. This process doesn't stop.  It's quite entertaining!  Mylee is now eating some solids.  She loves the vegetables, but will not eat fruit.  I have tried quite a few and she gets this weird look on her face and spits it all out. I even tried a real banana and just squished it up and she would not eat it! She loves juice so maybe someday she will come around!

     Colton is still my sweet boy.  He will sleep in until 9:30 every day and is happy all day (except for every once in a while)  Every day after lunch he says "nite-nite mom" and runs to his room!  He loves his room with all of his toys!  He is FINALLY starting to talk quite a bit more, but most people probably can't understand him that well, but I can :) 

    A lady in Pocatello gave us this high chair for Mylee, and well since Colton hasn't had a high chair since we lived in Germany, he LOVES it!  He won't eat up to the table anymore.  He is also going through the, My turn phase.  Everything, I mean everything that we do, he has to have a turn.  It's really cute unless we're in a hurry, or I'm trying to put Mylee in the car haha. 

Anyway, we are enjoying life!  So far, the second year of law school seems like a breeze compared to the first, but then again it's only the 1st week!  We shall see :)


etreiersen said...

I miss little Moscow:( There are so many great people in Moscow, like you and your family.

Mylee has grown so much over the summer. Both of your kids are way too cute.

London said...

im glad you guys were able to make it back to moscow safely! your kids are tooo cute. mylee has some crazy hair! tell matt good luck on the new school year!

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