Monday, November 12, 2012

A little bit more fall

I know I put up some of our Halloween already, but here are a few from actual Halloween
I bought this costume for Mylee last year from a thrift store for $1.50!

We got the little bat/kitty ears for I transformed her into a bat.

I'm pretty sure she was the cutest bat I have ever seen.

On Halloween it was about 65-70 degrees.
There is a road in Boise that I love, old beautiful homes, 
trees lining the streets, and a row of trees down
the middle of the road as well.
It's just breathtaking.
So, I told Matt that is where I wanted to take 
the kids trick-or-treating.
It turns out that is the "famous" street to go 
trick-or-treating on.
Who would have known?
We arrived at about 5:30 and it was already crazy.
Everyone decorated their houses and yards.
Everyone was sitting outside, 
more than half of them were dressed up.
And 1/2 of Boise I swear was there.
I am SO glad we decided to go, 
it was a Halloween we'll never forget.
I wish I had an amazing camera that could capture how neat it was.
I tried.

This home was for sale, so obviously not decked out. 
It reminded me of a German home
So I snapped a picture :)

Loved these 2 ;)

Anyway...I am finally DONE with Halloween!

Fall has been great here, it was 70's all last week
and got down to the 40's this weekend
The leaves are finally falling off the trees, 
but I wished they could stay on all colorful for 
another 5 months!!

This is what the time change has done to Mylee..
turned her into a sleeping maniac, what?!
Doesn't it usually do the opposite?!
I won't complain!!

Colton finally got a much needed hair cut
and YES i paid.
Seriously, cutting his hair, is not fun!
But when the "nice lady" does it, 
he takes it like a champ!
Thanks sports clips :)

We got festive and made some turkeys...Mylee "gobble gobbles" all day now!

I may need this picture in my room.
I love everything about it.

And this little thing is just getting cuter and cuter.
I want her hair!!!

We voted.
It was my first time ever.
I really wanted Romney.
But, life goes on and we are hoping for the best.

I also went and played in a college basketball game
against College of Southern Idaho.
It was a bunch of "has beens"
against a bunch of 18-19 yr. olds who work out for 3 hours a day!
We lost.
I had 17 points and 9 rebounds.
Just sayin'
Too bad my kids were too busy watching the dancers and dancing
then to watch their mama in action.
It was probably my last real debut...
considering every muscle on my body was sore...
Until next year!!!

I'm sad to see Fall go, and hoping Boise gives us a few more weeks of it!!!


Rachael said...

Mylee is the cutest bat! I'm glad you're having a good fall. Boise looks so pretty!

Stacy Christian said...

I love that you still play ball! I must say, I'm a little jealous. Way to go on the 17 and 9. So awesome.

Rachelle said...

Ok I am DYING over how cute Mylee and her costume were on Halloween! That girl is dang cute, watch out when she is a teenager!!!!

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