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Summer 2014

I was a little nervous going into this summer thinking that because we were having a new baby the kids would probably miss out on some fun.  But I think this has been one of our best summers yet!
It started with the kids playing on the same soccer team.  
Colton was a little old, but they had so much fun!

Matt and his brother, Brandon, coached them again.

Colton got really competitive by the end of the season, he was always asking what the score was and making sure they were winning...yikes!  (Wonder where he got that from?)
Mylee just ran around smiling a lot, but she definitely got the concept of soccer and did pretty well.
She even scored a goal :)

Skylar was born about halfway into the soccer season.  
I love this picture of my 3 kids!

They had an event called "Family Fun Day" that we went to in June.

Mylee got to meet some princesses which made it special for her!

Tinkerbell is one of the Young Women in my ward! 

Their first snow cones.

My friend Mikkel works at all of the events, she always lets them have a turn in her money machine!

Family Walk with 3 kiddos :)

Just because I think she is beautiful.

Memorial Day we went up to Idaho Falls.  Visited my great grandmas grave.  
Here is a 4 generation picture!

It got hot quick in June so we took advantage by heading to the pool quite a few times.

The middle of June we had our "Hix" family reunion in Lava hot springs.
Matt and I and Skylar didn't stay the night, but my kids stayed over with my parents.

There was a snake and slide outside of the cabin that the kids thought was pretty fun.

Then we headed to lava for some fun for the day.

On Sunday, we had "church" at the cabin.  It happened to be Fathers Day so we did a tribute to my grandpa as well as all of the dads.
Here are the dads or future dads on the big day!

My sweet grandma holding baby Skylar.  She was 5 weeks old!

Just because i love her face.

I bought Colton a few kindergarten workbooks to practice before he started school in the fall.  He was way into them.  I finally had to tell him the only time I would help him was when I was feeding the baby.  So for the first month of her life that was probably 2 hours a day!  Seriously kid?  He forgot about it a little bit as summer went on and I stopped feeding Skylar for as long.  But, I think he is definitely ready for Kindergarten :)

A week after our Hix reunion we had a Chambers family reunion in St. George.  
We stayed in a HUGE house with a pool and hot tub in the backyard, as well as another house in the backyard with an activity room with pingpong, air hockey, foosball, weights and a basketball court on the other side.  It also had a huge backyard with a soccer field, playground, trampoline and fire pit.  Seriously, I could have stayed there for a month and been totally fine.  My dads family lives all over the country so it's always fun to get together with them that we only see every couple of years.
My kids probably swam for 5 hours a day :)

Skylar was about 6 weeks old, which was kind of nice, because she still slept most of the day!

If I ever didn't know where Colton was, I could find him and Matt in the gym.  
This kid doesn't run out of energy.

My cousin had a baby about 4 weeks before I did, here are the babes :)

Living the dream

Here is the whole crew in our crazy picture.
We all did Skits on this night and it was pretty entertaining.

Mylee crashed.  I love this beautiful girl.

Here is our "special" family skit :)

We went out one night and visited the St. George temple.
Seriously so beautiful.  

My brother and his wife, Kelsey.  She is 21 weeks pregnant here, who would have known?

After a couple of weeks of vacation, we decided to take a week off. 
I kind of love that sometimes.

I had to pump for a few weeks, and feed her formula (which I didn't do very well:)) because she had jaundice that wasn't going away.  My kids LOVED having some time to feed Skylar.  They thought they were pretty cool and it was pretty nice for me:)

Their little buddies at a birthday party.

I also had my 30th birthday this summer!
My parents came down to watch the kids and Matt and I went out.  We were just going to go by ourselves and I got to the restaurant and our friends were there.  (Matt planned it)
We had dinner and went miniature golfing.  It was a blast.

My creative mom decided to get me "30 presents for 30 years"
She came up with the greatest gifts and definitely knows me well!

A couple of days after my birthday, our dear friend, Sylke came in town from Germany for 10 days.

My mom and I went down to Utah to pick her up and stayed the night one night and shopped the next day.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory the first night (our fav!)  

Sylke wanted to get a picture with Mikkel.  Here we are after church.

We went to Ross Park swimming pool with the kids.  
Sylke took some awesome pictures of the kids.

For the Fourth of July we went up to Idaho Falls for a couple of days.  Here we are at the parade.

It was a fun day, we got all decked out in red, white and blue, and 
We went to a fair in Menan, Idaho for the day.

We also went to an Idaho Falls Chuckars baseball game!

The night of the 4th we drove home and met up with Matt's family.  His brother was in town from Kentucky so we took a grandkids picture.  Here are all 9 of them together :)
Cutest kids ever!

Skylar at her 2 month check up weighing in at 13 lbs. 4 oz.
Exactly what Mylee weighed at 2 months- crazy!

The next day we headed to Lava hot Springs.
Mylee and her cousin, Sayli

The kiddos eating there popsicles after a long day at the pool.

My little shopper.
She is definitely the child I'll pick to take any day!
We bought some new plants to go outside of our house.

Family hike up to the arches by ISU.

Her first ponytail.  She also started sucking her thumb, I have always wanted a thumb sucker, Matt does not :)  But she stopped and I guess I am okay with it!

The middle of July I ran in a color run in Pocatello with some girls!  It was seriously a blast.  In fact, the night before I did not want to go and almost ditched out, but decided last second to go for it.  So glad I did!  Here is our before picture...

And the aftermath

That same day we had a mini reunion with Matt's family.  There were 7 babies born in their family within the last 7 months, and 5 of them were in the last 2 months, so crazy!  
We decided it would be fun to have a little photo shoot!

So glad she came to our family.  Seriously, she melts my heart!

I decided to straighten Mylee's hair and Holy cow it is so long!

Cousin loving.
They jumped on the trampoline in the rain and came in shirtless :)

This little lady gives me a run for my money, but I really wouldn't want her any other way.
This was her during "Rest time"  
She ended up still for the last 20 minutes of the show with our toy horse, her head between the rocking part and resting on the horses chest.  Seriously, could that have been comfortable?
She is as sweet as they come though.

Her and Matt have a special relationship.  I am grateful for him and the way he treats her.
He has a calm way of getting her to relax when she is uptight, 
I guess he has had some practice with her mama!
She is so lucky to have him as a dad.  I think she definitely needs him, but Matt needs her too :)

My 3 babies before church on Sunday morning.

Having 3 has definitely been an adjustment.
Sometimes (ok, a lot) I feel guilty for not spending more time with each one of them
I feel like I can't always do that, but I'm glad that they have each other also.
They are best friends, and worst of enemies.
But best friends more often than not.

She is pretty easy to get a smile out of.
Every time I walk in the room, she starts smiling.

We had family pictures taken with Matt's family in July.
Here is one shot of my little family.
Love them.

The first of August, we went down to Bear Lake
for our first "Chambers family reunion"
Just my parents and brothers and families.
It was a blast.
We all live at least 45 minutes from each other, but some farther
but it doesn't work out that we get to see each other a ton, 
so it's always way fun when we get together.
We swam a little the first day we got there.

I think Bear Lake is pretty beautiful.
The next day, we thought it was going to rain but we headed down to the 
beach hoping it would be nice..and it was perfect!!  
The kids never complained once even though I thought the water was cold.

My brother, Tyson had this sweet game called Spike ball.  
Our family is not competitive at all ;)
The games got a little intense, but we wouldn't want it any other way.

Matt rented a paddle board so he could relive our Hawaiian vacation last year.  haha

That night we went to the BEST show, Juanito Bandito.
Seriously I could not stop laughing.

We got back from Bear Lake and literally ran over to the Holt Arena parking lot for a 3-on-3 tournament Matt and I were both playing in.
My team won:)
Matt's team got 2nd. (mwaha)
My kids thought they were pretty cool with the trophies.

It was a blast and these girls are always fun to play with.
We have been playing together once a week all summer.
I always tell Matt, basketball is the one thing that makes me feel young being a mom.
I hope it never gets old for me.

My dad came and helped us all day while we played, thank goodness.
Not that anyone would miss out on these baby cuddles!

Love this little dude.  
He is turning into a squirly (sp) little 5 yr old boy. haha

Just because I love her turban :)

I think Matt and the kids went disc golfing waaay too much this year.
Skylar and I did go quite a few times too.

We had one last Hoorah going to Lava with friends from Law School.
It was PERFECT weather (since it's rained most of August)
and it was so fun catching up and seeing how big the kids all were.
Matt and his buddy decided they would go off the high dive.

And this sweet baby has been the main reason we have had such a fun summer.
She is SO chill and easy going.  We love her.

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