Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well, for Memorial Day Weekend this year we went to IDAHO! yay... Friday night we went and stayed at Matt's parents in Pocatello, and on Saturday we got to see his little sister(Annie) go to Prom!!! Misty(my sister-in-law) did her hair and make-up and she looked soo pretty!!!

After Annie and her date left, we all decided to take some pictures of the girls who helped her get ready!!! My new sister-in-law to be, Sarah, is sitting right to the right of me! Her and Matt's little brother are getting married August 1st..yay! Misty is right above her! The rest are aunts and cousinS that came down to see Annie off!!!
Sunday we went up to Idaho Falls with my mom's family. They have big traditions of visiting all of the graves of relatives and cleaning them off. I have only been once before and not even to the whole thing, so it was a really cool experience to go. My grandpa has done all of his family's geneology and has stories about everyone in this Grant Cemetary! This is the grave where both of his parents are buried, my great granparents.
So, after a while, we did get a little bit bored of walking around the you can tell.
This was day 2 at the cemetaries, and we decided to take a little break from walking around.

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