Saturday, June 21, 2008

ITS a BOY!!!

So...we have had an awesome week this week. Wednesday we went up to Idaho for some appointments and to get some things done for school. Matt's aunt is in charge of x-ray/radiology at the hospital so we went up there to see if we could find out the sex of our baby. Sure enough..we found out we were having a boy!! It was probably one of the coolest experiences watching the baby move around, he even waved at us! I dont think Matt could stop smiling after we left, and we were both so happy the rest of the day! Anyway- definitely one of the coolest experiences we've had together. Then, we drove all the way down to St. George (southern utah) the next morning for matt to play in a basketball tournament. It was way fun, but I am glad to be done traveling and to relax a little bit. I will scan the pictures of the ultrasound soon. :)


Paul and Beth Chambers said...

Chelsey and Matt,
What a great experience you had. We are excited to know that it's a boy. I'll bet he'll play b-ball - well, if it was a girl she would also play b-ball. We love you two.
Love Grandma C.

Diana said...

Congratulations! A boy! That's so exciting! So have you thought of names yet?


The Henry's said...

Hey its Tim and Ashley I saw your blog off of the Kinghorn's. Anyways, just wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy, and on the boy. Little boys are so sweet and so much fun! We are so excited for you guys.

Logan & Lisa said...

You guys are going to have such a cute boy. I am so excited for you two!!!(:

Carp, Melis, Kimmi, & Telf said...

Hey this is Crystal Carpenter. Congrats! I am so excited for you guys. How are you? I haven't talked to you in forever.

Jeffrey and Elise: said...

Congrats Chelsey...ya'll will have a darling little boy, I actually want to have a boy first to be a big brother :)

Tanya said...

YAY! Congrats! Just what you wanted!

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