Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt!

Me at 30 weeks!! Yay! 10 to go! Everything is going well and Im actually feeling pretty good. Im figuring out the whole school thing so that makes things a lot better, and not quite as much stress! We have both been busy busy lately trying to stay on top of things before Matt starts basketball and the baby comes!!! But we are getting very very excited! We even organized our extra closet to make space for some little baby clothes!! I can't believe how fast it is coming!

So...Today is Matt's 25th birthday!!! yay!! And, I decided like a month ago that I wanted to have a surprise birthday for him because once our little babies start coming around our birthdays probably won't be quite as important as there's! Anyway, so finally about a week before his birthday I really, really decided to do it! With much help from his mother, Misty(my sister-in-law) and wonderful friend Mikkel, we pulled it off!! And he was soo surprised! Here is Matt and I after everyone sang Happy Birthday!
Here is an upclose shot!!!
So...this is everyone waiting for him (well not everyone, but a few of them). It ended up taking a while to get him in the house... Misty called and had us come out to his parents house to get her because her "car broke down" and she needed a ride. Really, everyone was waiting out at his parents house for us to come. Anyway, when we got there Matt decided to go ahead and put her carseats into our car while I was supposed to go inside and get them to come out...ooops! So, everyone waited patiently inside while he loaded all the carseats in for no reason at all!! Everyone was kind of getting sick of waiting for you can tell by the faces! (except for Mikkel..always smiling)
Misty and Brandon...waiting!!!
So Clair(matt's dad) and Brandon(his brother) saddled up the horses and took his team out for some riding. They also had the 4-wheelers out for them to ride on! It was entertaining to watch because some of them had never ridden a horse in their liveS! His mom took some great pictures of all of them riding...too bad my camera isn't that good! Here are the girls just hanging out!!
Overall it was a lot of fun, and though I stressed soo much he was going to find out, it turned out greAT and he had no Idea! Anyway, Matt has always tells me how much he hates surprises and everyone even knowing it is his birthday, but he deserved it!! Happy Birthday Matt!! Thanks for being an awesome husband, friend, and soon to be daddy!!!


Jeffrey and Elise: said...

Your belly is so cute! Happy belated birthday to your hubby!! It was Jeffrey's b-day this last weekend too...hooray for great husbands!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness totally do not look 30 weeks pregnant. You are so cute and barely showing! The baby will be here before you know it. So exciting. I can't wait.

Abby said... look so cute! I love the red dress! You are one good looking pregnant lady! I love ya! Your so amazing and you did a great job with the suprise party!

Winters said...

Happy Birthday Matt!! Man it looks fun wish we could have been there to party with you guys I hope we will be able to make it some of the games this year!!! We haven't heard anything yet about moving up there but we will let you know!! Chels you look so cute!!! I am so excited for you!! Have you decided on a name yet?

Suzanne said...


You look so cute! Happy Birthday, Matt! (Oh, you look good too, Matt!)

Love, Suz

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