Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So since I haven't written a post for sooo long because my life is not exciting at all right now, I thought I would just make a few comments on the past couple of weeks!
First off, I love fall! I have never been a big fall person, but I am loving the 50-60 degree weather. Although it did snow for a couple of days(I was a little nervous we were skipping fall and going straight to winter) but now it's back to pretty nice weather!
Second of all, the semester is more than half way oveR! Wow...its gone by fast! But the worst is yet to come...and here I am posting instead of doing homework like I should be.
Third, Basketball season is underway!! Matt had his first practice last week, and they have a scrimmage this saturday and a game in a week and a half! It's so crazy! I'm so excited for games to start, just not him traveling!!
And last...I don't have very much longer until this baby is born!! yay!! I still don't feel like my belly is getting huge, but it definitely feels big enough to make everything uncomfortable! I don't have any of his furniture, which is really sad but I'm having a hard time picking it out..as well as a name! Oh well, I guess I have a little while to decide! Well..thats about all going on here, hopefully I will have some exciting pictures of SOMETHING coming up soon!

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Aubrey said...

Hey, I was wondering if I could get your email address. I am making me blog private and I want you to still be able to view it!! I am so excited for you to have your baby! It is so close!

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