Friday, March 6, 2009

3 months and counting... little Colton is now 3 months old!! I can't believe how fast time goes by! Every day he is learning to do more and more. And every day he is gaining and gaining!! I look at clothes in his closet thinking they won't fit, and put them on and they are almost too small! He is fitting into pretty much all of his 6-9 month old outfits. I don't think he looks THAT chunky to me, he is just a big boy!
He has had lots of great babysitters the past month while I have to go to school at night:( I got home from class on Monday night and looked at my camera, and there were a bunch of pictures of him and my good friend Mikkel..hehe! Look how cute they are!
I love putting him on his belly because he has been lifting his head soo good, and he pulls the funniest faces! He also ROLLED oveR!! It was really exciting moment for us all..haha! After he did it once, I thought it was a fluke, but every time I put him on his stomach now, he rolls over. It's his big head that just pulls him right down!!
So..Matt's parents have this toy for babies who are probably a little older than Colton(once they can hold their heads up) But--we decided to try it out and stuff blankets behind him. He loved being in there and bounced his legs up and down, but wasn't too interested in the toys-he just wanted to stare at his mom and dad!
More tummy time..his head is getting a little tired.
Mom and Colt before church...
And we had to get one with dad too...right before church with his adorable shoes!

So..I think that my mom is in love with Colton as well. She came and stayed with us for a week cause we both had soo much school stuff going on, and Colton and her both loved it! He got attnetion all day, and she got to play with him all day! She has been soo much help to us, and we couldn't do it without her!
Colton and his Aunt Sarah..she is going to be a great mom!!
Moving onto basketball, which has pretty much been EVERYTHING we have done the past month. These are 2 of Matt's coaches wives and their babies that were all born during basketball season! One was born 2 days after, and the other a month after. kind of fun
Senior Night. Well, I always thought I would be excited for the end of basketball season, but it's a little bit different this year. I know how hard Matt has worked and it's kind of hard realizing it is going to be over. However, I think our lives are in a position where it won't be quite as hard. It was, however, an awesome night and very emotional.
I'm so proud of Matt and am going to miss watching him! He is the hardest worker I know and no matter what it is in life, he gives it his all!
Me and Colton on senior night
My mom, Colt and I.
So, my family and Matt's family also got to take a trip to MOntana State and Univeristy of Montana. It ended up being a really fun trip! This is us after they beat Montana State!
So one of my greatest friends, Heather, who I played ball with at SLCC lives in Bozeman. Her husband is the athletic trainer for Montana State's mens basketball team. They have kind of gotten to be fans of MSU, which is fine, because we beat them...hehe! Anyway, she has a little boy who is over a year and soo soo cute! So, it was way fun to see them and spend a little bit of time with them:)

Annie and I at the Montana game having fun:)
My parents and I in Montana.

Anyway, as stressful as this past month has been, going to school, teaching and being a mom with Matt gone most of the time, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Being a mom has been the greatest thing and Colton is such a good baby and a Joy in our lives!!


Mike and London said...

CHelsey you are sooo cute and I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love seeing pictures of colton and he is probably the cutest baby alive. tell your parents hello for me. what are your plans now?? are you gonna stay in idaho for the summer?? we are going to atlanta to work and live with my parents and save money and all that jazz. but i miss you and want to see you and your baby so badly!lets get together..seriously!!

Camie and Beau said...

What a beautiful family and such wonderful things going on in your lives. We really appreciate your examples to us...and Colton is seriously the cutest little boy ever!!!!

Tanya said...

First of all, you look GREAT and beautiful as ever! And second of all, I know I always say this but your baby boy is seriously the absolute cutest baby boy I have EVER seen!

Just Us said...

Congrats to you both on a great season. I think Eric mentioned having you in some classes. He went through that masters program and had a great time. Your little one is growing fast-he's a doll! I will let you know on the scrapbooking programs when I get into that. I just got a new silhouette and adobe elements that I need to figure out first, but thanks for offering :0).

Arave said...

Chelsey I am so excited that you found my blog bc I was going to ask you if you had one. I love the pictures they are so cute. Colton is getting big. I love it. Tell matt good luck we are headed Tuesday, yeah we missed Saturday- but we are pumped to go this week. WE gotta hang!!

Abby said...

Chels..I love this posting! It has so many great pictures!! Colton is seriously such a darling baby! I loook forward to seeing him on Sundays in his little outfits! I really loved the picture of him and Mikkel! She loves him! So, I will babysit over the summer though remember that! So Chels I think your great and yes we should hang out more!! We are just both so busy that it can get hard but we should make time for one another! I love ya you seriously don't know how much our friendship means to me! Your amazing and a great mom! Love ya hun!

Aaron, Sara, and Alice said...

How fun! I totally agree... we should put them in nursery together and Colton can protect Alice if someone tries to steal her toys like Tyson did for Heather! Being a mom is great... very exhausting but great. I'm trying to finish up a couple of classes and it's VERY slow going but definitely worth it! You're a trooper for teaching on top of it! You have a great looking family! It looks like you're having so much fun! Take care :)

Anna said...

Colton is so cute! He is so handsome. Sounds like you are having fun, but being quite busy. That's great you got to see Heather. You have such a cute family!

Future Mama said...

Wow, he's gotten so big! You look great too girl! What cute pictures! I'm so happy for your guys! What exciting lives you're living!

Matt & Ali said...

HEY HEY HEY!!!! So I am so excited you guys have a blog. It really is a small world. Anyway, love the pics of your lil man. Oh and make sure and give me your email so I can add ya to my list. Like I said my Matt is paranoid about this stuff.

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I found you on here randomly. I am glad I did. Colton is getting SO BIG. I can't believe it. He is such a cute little guy!

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