Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring!!!..not really

Welll...I thought that life would get a whole lot less busy when basketball was over, but it seems like now we are playing catch up! However, we have had some fun! About a month ago, we drove down to Weber for Matt's tournament. They ended up losing their first game down there in the semifinals. I cried and cried, but the next day I sure was glad to have Matt home:) He is now thinking of playing basketball might not actually be over for us! We will see...
So..Colton has become so fun in the past month! We went to his 4 month check up a few days ago, and he is 17 lbs. 8 oz. and about 26 1/2 inches. He is definitely a big boy!! Now I wish this picture described his favorite thing to do..but not quite!

So, about a month ago we took a picture of him sitting in this, and he struggled quite a bit, but over the past month he has been able to hold his head up soo much better! He loves to be up and feel like he is part of everything!
So...I had to take a picture of him all ready to go in his carseat because I feel like I am ALWAYS putting him in here. He is my little friend and gets to go Everywhere with me!
Well the doctor also said at our appointment, Start feeding that boy!! So, we bought this bumbo for him to sit in while we fed him. He cracks me up though because he will never smile for the camera, every time I take it out he just stares at it with his cheeks hanging down!
Yep...there he goes!
He ate good for a while, but then he just wanted to eat his little fingers as always!!

I realized we hadn't taken any pictures of ourselves for a while with him, so here are the exciting photos of Colton with his parents!

Matt's good friend from his freshman year, Paul Martin, and his girlfriend Kelly came in town and we got to hang out with them for a night! It was a lot of fun, something that we don't do often enough! Colton was too tired to enjoy the fun!

A few other things about Colton..he was rolling over more a month ago then now! He loves to stand in our lap. He rarely wants to sit unless he is tired, but he has to be standing up in our lap--and he squeals the whole time like it's the greatest thing ever! He loves to make noises and play with toys! I will put something in front of his face and he works his little hands up to it until he grabs it...especially if it's my hair!! Anyway, he is so much fun and we love every moment we have had with him!!


Just Us said...

He is a doll...his cheeks have gotten so chubby! Let us know about overseas...that would be a very exciting change for you all!!
:0) Good luck!!

The Enslingers said...

Wahoo! An update finally! Colton is so stinkin cute! Seriously! That is awesome that he is such a big boy and has already gained like 9 or 10 pounds since birth! Jack only gained 10 lbs in his whole first year, but he came out already half grown into a toddler! What a cutie Colton is! How was Anaconda? Too bad we didn't get to see you! Anytime you guys can come up for a visit!


Colton is as CUTE as ever!!! Aren’t they getting so much fun and developing in to their own little personality!!! I just love it!!! :) Wow so you guys are thinking of playing overseas.. AWESOME!!! Where is Matt looking to play? Wow so exciting!!! Hope it all works out for you guys... Hey if you have not yet gotten Colton a PASSPORT apply for one... It normally does not take too long but then when you guys go you can just up and go and don’t have to wait for it... If you need any tips, not that I have many just ask... Oh GOOD LUCK with it all, it can be so overwhelming and so exciting all at the same time!! :)

Future Mama said...

Oh my!! he is getting SO BIG! Ok can I just tell you that out of ALL of my friends with kids, your little boy makes me want one the most? haha. He's sooo cute and looks so muhc like both of you!

Lynne Leifson said...

I can't beleive he is getting that big! I need to see him!

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