Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well..our lives have been fun the past few weeks! Colton just keeps growing and growing and changing soo fast! I keep going back and looking at pictures when he was born and how fast he has grown. He is really into sleeping with something over his face...and I don't like it. Everytime I go in there he pulls his blanket over his face to fall asleep...he found his stuffed animal this time.
Just for fun:)
I finally got him to give a little smile for the camera...Matt that is!
He woke up from his nap so cuddly..he wanted his cheek against mine forever! So..I had to take this twin picture of us!
Here is this cute outfit my mom bought for him a while ago, and it was finally warm enough to wear the shorts. He likes to rub his toes together!
Some more of me and him.
He loves loves loves toys!!

Uncle Travis(Tuvy) and Colton. He loves him!!
Tanner, matt and Colton on Easter Sunday.
This is Coltons first Easter..haha he is loving looking for the eggs!!
So...we had a great Easter, we got to go to Utah for the weekend, and it was so much fun!! School is done in 1 week for me and 2 for Matt!! So exciting! Too bad it doesn't end there. I am done in July!! Something else exciting...Tyson gets home from his mission in a month! It will be the first time Colton gets to see him!!


Abby said...

Chelsey..Colton is seriously the cutest thing ever!! Like really he is so HANDSOME!!! You guys look so alike in your cheek picture!! Good Work!! P.S. that is crazy your brother is already getting home from his mission! That will be so fun!! Love ya girl thanks for letting me hold colton during Stake Conference it was so fun for Me!

lisa forsyth said...

Your lil colton and your brothers have gotten so big!!! that's exciting Tyson will be coming home too!! i hope everyone is doing well!!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I love the pictures! He is getting so big! I can't believe Tyson comes home so soon! It's exciting. I hope you guys are doing well!

Arave said...

Chelsey and Matt- Your kid is to cute!! I'm excited to hang out now that bball is over- we have some down time in MAY and we need to let Austin rough colton up even though colton might be bigger!! It might be the only time Austin can!!!

The Henry's said...

What a cutie! Jalen loves to sleep with something over his face also...its always freaked me out! Have you guys decided about going to Europe or not!?

The Thompsons said...

Colton is the cutest little baby boy ever! I love his cute little cheeks! We hope you are doing well!

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