Sunday, June 21, 2009

HaPpy FaTherS DaY!

First of all- I had to put this picture up:) Colton hasn't been around a lot of babies his age so it was kind of fun(not that they noticed each other) Regardless-I thought it was cute! This is Brailyn (the daughter of one of Matt's coaches) She is a month and a half younger than Colton. They had fun grabbing toys out of each others hands!
Next--Matthew. Happy Fathers Day to my husband! He has had one of the busiest schedules since becoming a new dad. 3 Days after Colton was born, he had to leave for a basketball trip for a week. I would send him picture after picture from my phone. Every time he was home, he would spend as much time with the little guy as he could. Now-they get to spend a whole lot more time together. I know Colton is going to look up to his dad because of the awesome person that he is! I always laugh because all of the neighbor kids come over and ask if Matt can come play basketball with them, or hang out..kind of weird, but at the same time it makes me glad to know what an influence he has on those kids!

And happy fathers day to my dad!! I always look in my baby book, and it says how much I always wanted my dad when I was little. He is someone I have always looked up to! I should give him all the credit in the world for me getting a basketball scholarship. I don't think he ever turned down an opportunity to go shoot with me, or even just rebound for me! He was my coach in everything I ever played! He has always encouraged me in everything I have done. One thing I am very grateful for is how much he has made Matt feel a part of the family! I always tease them that they like Matt more than me:) Anyway, I am grateful for his influence in my life, and glad that he is Colty's grandpa!!


Stacy said...

What a sweet post. Happy father's day to Matt! I just can't get enough of Colton. You need to come out here so I can meet him! PLEEEEASE!??!?

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I love this post! Happy Father's day to Matt! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

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