Monday, July 6, 2009

Movin' out

I am struggling with blogging right now! So so much has gone on in the past few weeks!! I am officially 100% done with school:) YAY!! I must say, it has been such a great year, and so worth going to school, however, I am so glad I am done and I don't have to think about papers and presentations! Here is our journey through pictures from the last couple of weeks....
First of all-the many faces of Colton (I had about 30 pics like these, but tried to resist putting every picture that is taken of him on here) You can see his teeth--he got one about a month ago, and another one last week!
He started doing this thing where he squints up his whole face and blows out of his nose (he gets it from his dad)
Happy boy;)
I set him up on the couch, and since he WILL not bend his legs because he always wants to be standing, here he is all by himself with the support of the couch.
Another one of Coltons new interests are his feet. Actually-for the past month he gets excited when he sees his feet...or really anything. Sadly, these next few pictures of him were the only ones that I got from my surprise birthday party. My dear husband took me on an adventure all day before my birthday telling me that I could not know our next destination. I was not a good sport, and wanted to have the day planned. First, we woke up and he said we are leaving in 30 minutes, we went out to breakfast with Colton (he was a wild man and breakfast wasn't like it used to be) Then we got home and he said get in the car--we're going somewhere else. So-we drove down to the good old Pocatello zoo and had a nice stroll around (which Colton liked much better) Then...we came home to put Colton down for a nap and Matt told me that our next activities did not involve Colton. My mom showed up at our apartment and off we went. We drove out to his parents house where the 4-wheelers were waiting for us. We got to go on a ride up in the mountains and look out at the beautiful sage brush below! (hehe it was pretty) Then, we raced back to his parents (I won) and got BACK IN THE CAR for another adventure. We drove back into town and stopped off at Outer Limits(laser tag/arcades/mini golf/food), and walked into the place and whole family was there, and Matt's family as well as Mikkel and Abby, and Logan and Lisa Kinghorn. We played Laser tag with all of us...and oh my we were all sweating by the time that was over! It was such a cool set up they have in there and a whole lot of fun. After playing games for a while we headed over to play volleyball for a couple of hours with everyone and have pizza. Anyway--I give Matt an 8 out of 10 for surprises. He was acting a little too sketchy all day, but pulled it off in the end. He is a great husband and is always doing things to make me happy:)
Now that I am done with my novel story, here is my brother trying to feed CoLtOn a doughnut-
Going fast forward a week...I got done with school and we headed down to Utah for a week of R&R. We went out to the spaghetti factory.
Tanner and Tanner (cousins)
My date, Travis...AKA Uncle Tuvy.
Now on to the lovely 4th of July. We got Colton all dressed up in his USA hat and new outfit, and SAT AT HOME! It was wonderful and we loved it. We played Harry Potter Clue (excellent game), Wiffle ball, and had some great steaks:)
Just had to throw some more pics of my little man in...
Matt, Colton, and "favorite uncle tanner" Everytime he says that phrase to Colton, he smiles like no other (except in this picture)

Playing dress up again with Colton.
This week we are moving out of our 2nd apartment together. Kind of sad--especially because we have no home to move to- Our lives are kind of in limbo right now, waiting for what is going to happen in the future, but we are enjoying it!!


Just Us said...

Congrats with finishing out school!! It does feel great to know that the studying is over. We just moved again, but I can't tell you what apartment we are in for our 4 years of marriage...I am so sick of moving!! Good luck to you guys!! (oh and happy b-lated b-day)
BTW check out this site, they were doing a week on digital scrapping:

Stacy said...

I'll definitely give you a call when Spencer leaves to catch up. It won't be for a couple of weeks though. Love the pics of Colton. Adorable! And congrats w/ finishing school. Let me know when you find out where you'll be going next!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

Congrats on being done with school! That's awesome. I love all your pictures! Sounds like you are doing great!

Chad, Rachel, and Paxton: said...

Chelsey... I went to text you today and instead I deleted your number! Text me ASAP so I have your number! Rachel

Kristi said...

Hey, I just snuck on your blog through Karrie Jo's. I'm Mikkel's sister in law and feel like I know you guys because Mikkel chats about ya all the time. Anyway, I had to leave a comment and tell you that your little man is the CUTEST thing ever! Wow! I'm thinking he has a future in baby modeling.....seriously!

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