Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grandma Is in town!!

Almost a week ago now, my mom flew to Germany--all by her self!! She hopped on the train in Frankfurt and stopped in a small town called WEimar, switched TRAINS and then ended up in Naumburg (About 15 minutes from us) where we picked her up. Before she came, she got everything situated with her phone so she would be able to use it here in Germany, HOWEVER, when she got here it didn't work. Matt, Colton, and I drove to Naumburg to get her, and a train pulled up about 3 minutes before hers (we thought it was hers) and NO Julie...I wanted to start crying, I knew what it felt like to land in another country and not be able to read signs/ talk to people, and I was sooo nervous that she was lost somewhere! Anyway--we asked a guy and he said, no her train will be here in 3 minutes (wow, they are on time here) Anyway, sure enough-3 minutes later, she arrived! Colton instantly went to her and has ever since. I always thought moving here would make him a mama and daddy's boy, but nope, he will go to just about anyone. Maybe he is sick of just seeing his mom and dad!

Anyway, it was like Christmas when we got back to our apartment!! She brought lots of new fun clothes for Colton and lots of toys, but for some reason her magazines seemed to be his favorite :)

The day after she got here, we went to the NOVA EVENTIS mall that is about 20 minutes away because it was rainy. SOoo..they have some great looking ice-cream, and she got to taste the Amazing Shokolade EIS for the first time, yes, she said it was the best she had ever tasted!!
One of the main stores around hear is named Chelsea-I've seen it in every mall. We had to snap a picture by it!
Look at this dang cute outfit my mom got. I love the waffle long sleeves from Children's place. She brought all 18 month old clothes, and they are a tiny big (how dad likes it), and will last!
My mom is loving how snuggly he has become..only at night!
So, Matt went out of town the morning after my mom got here, and so after our day of shopping we headed off to the Freiburg Temple. My mom (so nice of her) stayed in the nursery while I went in and did a session with the Albrechts! There were a few couples who spoke English who were working in the temple so that was nice. It had snowed where the temple was because the elevation is so much higher, kind of crazy.

So..after the temple, we went on the most Beautiful drive!! From Freiburg to Meissen, we drove on the skinniest rode--(Every time a card would pass, I basically had to pull over) BUT--it was the most beautiful country side, and we would pass through villages with gorgeous houses. Even though it had snowed so close by, everything was still green! They say it stays green all winter too. I wish I took more pictures of it all, but I was concentrating on driving!!
Because I am kind of from IDAHo? And my family is from IDaho--I took this picture of the Potato House! I really should have gone in, however!
After our beautiful tour, we ended up in Meissen, Germany. A cathedral in the center of town.

A small restaraunt we thought was cute!So, we began our hike to the Albrecht Castle in Meissen. We had to go visit it with the Albrecht's--Kind of cool. Anyway, we had 5 kids, 3 strollers, and we walked up and up and up (including carrying the strollers up stairs) for about 20-30 minutes. At last, we made it to the top! Look at this view. Wow, it was beautiful.

Here is the Albrecht castle. The view from the opposite side of the river was even more beautiful. We drove over there, but didn't get a picture. Just imagine, all of the red roofs, with the river, AND the castle. Amazing.
The castle was very cold. They said when they actually lived in the castles and used them, they had no glass on the windows, so it was freezing! Not the idea I had of living in a huge castle!
There was a room that they had just refinished the floor, we had to put on special slippers to go in there, it was very slippery, so we had a party sliding all over the floor, so did Colty.
By the way, about a week ago, Colton started crawling!! Woohoo..kind of funny, he has been scooting this whole time, and finally realized it was easier to crawl! Monday morning (After matt got home) we headed off to Berlin. He had a day and a half off, so we decided to stay up in Berlin to have more time for sightseeing. These are random, but this was in the mall's food court. What food court looks this amazing?? And EXPENSIVE!

Colton has once again been a TROOPER! We have been on the go, and he just hangs out in his stroller and enjoys all the action around him!
A cathedral in Berlin that had a bomb go straight through the middle of it, but is still standing right there in the middle of all the shopping. I love this picture!
A lovely fountain with basically non-clothed people! This girl was the most modest, so we snapped a picture of her!
KaDeWe..the largest shopping center in Europe (yep, we shopped for 2 days and still didn't see it all) Matt was thrilled :)
They did have a Niketown though!
I secretly really like Kobe.
So..after shopping for hours and hours, we were on our way back to the hotel and stopped in this lovely little Eis Cafe. They had soft couches to sit on, it was warm, and beautiful! And...delicious!
Matt did get saved about half way through the day when, Max, a friend of one of Matt's friends from Pocatello. Max was a foreign exchange student in Kansas a couple of years ago, and spoke English great. It was fun to be with him for the day because he has lived in Berlin his whole life, and knew quite a bit about everything.
Look at his Masterpiece!!
I know this is weird, but almost the greatest part of the day was in the hotel at night! 1) It felt like we were in America just a little 2) Colton absolutely loved the hotel room, and was crawling around exploring everything 3) Our bed didn't squeak and 4) After Colton fell asleep, Matt and I watched an AMerican MOvie..a NEW movie that is, we got to watch The Proposal, In english! I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. I have been dying to see it, as well as many other movies that came out after we moved, and it was really fun to watch it. I know that is lame, but when you don't have those things, you want them so much more!
Colton in his Halloween PJ's my mom got for him..sooo cute!
The next morning, we got up and went to good old McDONALds! I know..lame, but I am going to be dramatic about this, those McGriddle's are soo soo good! And again, maybe it is because I haven't had pancakes since we got here, but Holy cow. They have the perfect amount of syrup in them, I ordered 4, and was going to feed Colton some but was feeling selfish to feed him any because I wanted to keep eating them. ANyway, this was kind of a rough looking picture, but we did just get up, and had walked a LOT the day before!
About to leave our wonderful hotel!

Okay, so on the way home I was a little sad. Basically, going to Berlin kind of felt like going to a New York City/ Atlanta/ Chicago for a day. I felt like I was in America! Every single person that we came in contact with spoke English, and good English. The shops all felt like American shops, and we watched an English movie. It was really a refreshing 2 days, thanks mom! However, as we were going 180 km (Matt flew the entire way, going between 100-110 MPH the whole way, WITH cars flying past us, and cops NOT caring) I was excited to get back to my little German town!
The past couple of days, we have relaxed a little bit more. We showed my mom Weissenfels (and both of us forgot our cameras) and have hung out playing with Colty. I took lots of are some of my little man!

He is getting way to brave standing on his own!


Candice said...

I'm so glad your mom was able to come over to see you. The food looks freaking amazing! I want the ice cream so bad! Oh we just saw the proposal this past weekend and LOVED it! Sooooo funny!

Just Us said...

I am so jelous!! It looks so fun and beautiful!! I am glad you were able to feel a bit at home!

Cindy said...

you're such a good blogger. love all the stories and picks.


That is so fun your mom came for a visit.. I know how it is when they bring over all the fun stuff, it really is like Christmas!!! :) Colton is so adorable... That is neat you went to the Temple, Oh looks like you guys are have having so much fun... Oh and You look great by the way!!!!

Dwight and Kristian said...

these posts are SO much fun to read. thanks for documenting so many details about your adventures. glad to hear that you guys are doing well, and that your mom was able to come visit. take care.

wylie said...

Hi Chelsey, my name is Wylie and I'm one of your mom's friends and neighbors. Your dad gave me your blog address so I could look and see pictures of your mom's trip. What a fun time you are having!! Colton is looking adorable and happily spoiled by Grandma. Please tell your mom I stopped by on your blog.

Tanya said...

How fun that your mom came out to visit! And I bet it was so nice to visit a place that is similiar to the U.S. I can't imagine! But, how fun that you get to experience a different country/culture too!

The Ashment Family said...

What a fun trip! Germany seems like it has so many cool things to visit and explore. That is great that you can share a little bit of your time out there with your mom

Becky said...

So glad your mom is in town. I am about as jealous as they come. Looks like you guys are having a great time! I hear Mikkel is coming to visit. She is quite entertaining to have as company. I am sure you'll enjoy it.

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