Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The simple life

I think every week that we are here in Germany, we like it more and more. I have never been very big into history (at all), but it is something Matt LOVES. ANyway, I am kind of starting to really really appreciate history and finding everything about Europe/German history is really fascinating. I also can not believe that we have been here for almost 2 months.
Once again-there are a lot of pictures, but this is my journal/scrapbook of living here!
Last week, we went to the bowling center in town, Matt's team was there to sign autographs, eat, and bowl :)

It happened to be his birthday the day before so Katrin brought a cake, and we all sang Happy Birthday!
Missy brought her baby Zeke out, so we all got to see them! He is soo cute, and has the longest toes and fingers-looks like another basketball player! Colton LOVES being around little babies, and he squeals in delight and can't stop smiling at them..it cracks me up!
Here is part of them team and some fans...
Me and Colty :)
So- I bought this outfit from Old Navy last year when he was first born-it is 12-18 months, thinking he would AT LEAST be able to wear it until he was a year. Nope- I put it on him for the first time last week and he will probably only be able to wear it a few more times-kind of sad.
I get so distracted at Matt's games to take any pictures, I have to make sure Colton isn't climbing up the stairs, grabbing someone's hair in front of us, throwing his toys at someone, and just make sure he is happy :) He loves watching up until about the 3rd-4th quarter and then he is about ready for bed! So- anyway, I did manage to take some pictures AFTER the game, but only a couple. Here is Alex, trying to be like Colton with his chubby cheeks
Colton and Daddy. It's so cool, after the game all of the players walk around the gym and give everyone high fives, so Colton and I patiently wait for Matt to make his way around to us, and as soon as Colton sees him, he starts flapping his arms and squealing- he LOVES his dad :)
My boys (I made them take a little photo-shoot together)
Colton in his new jacket that is also 12-18 months...and the sleeves aren't quite long enough!
Colty and I
Matt had a day off Monday, and usually we go see some place cool or do something, but since my mom is coming in a week and we will be doing plenty sight-seeing-and we had been going going going all weekend, we decided to just hang out. (Plus, Colton took 2- 3 hour naps- Wonderful:) So--anyway We decided to go for a walk- which turned into a 2 hour walk, through the park and in the woods (they have trails all over the place).
This nice little park is only a few minutes from our house, and Matt insisted that Colton tried out every toy. Soo- hE LOVES to hang on poles, I really don't know why, but he will NOT let go. It is so funny, last week, we went to a gym and he hung on the pole for a long time, so I had to show Matt his Strong son. Of course I was there waiting for him to fall!

Then there is this building next to the park, and we have yet to figure out what it is. One of these days we will try and go inside of it or something...maybe?
So- our walk turned into 2 hours because after we followed the trail down, down, down, we see these stairs and they didn't look so bad
But...after those stairs- we came up to these, and believe me-they went on forever! (with the stroller)
ANother one of my favorite houses here in town!
Even after Colton took his 2-3 hour naps, and slept for 12 hours the night before- this was him when he was awake-poor little guy!
Sylke and Christian came over to play games right before Colton went to bed, and he was still soo cuddly! He let Christian hold and cuddle with him which is very UNLIKE Colton. It was kind of cute and I had to capture it.

My mom is coming to visit us in a little over a week, and we are so excited! I can not wait to show her all of the amazing buildings/places we have seen, and for her to experience a little bit of the true German culture here in Weissenfels. I love that we are getting this opportunity because, unlike being a tourist, we are living the life of a German--kind of crazy!


Cindy said...

i can only imagine how excited both you and your mom are for her visit. should be tons of fun.

Camie and Beau said...

K you have such a beautiful family! We love to look at your blog! Germany looks beautiful and we will keep ya posted on the baby! I hope it is a boy as cute as Colton!!!! Stay in touch!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I bet you are so excited for your mom to come! That Old Navy outfit is really cute! I can't believe he is growing out of all those close so soon! He is defiantly a growing boy! He is so tough to be hanging on the bar for so long! Love him!

Michemily said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm always excited to "meet" new people through blogging. And nice blog!

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