Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our new life

This little man is enjoying being back in America where he has 1000 cupboards to get into, and people ALways around! He has figured out how to open ALL of the doors in the house, including the doors to go outside. He knows his favorite cupboards with the glass, candles, etc. in them! He is definitely not used to having so many opportunities to destroy everything in his path!

We got this Deutschland Uniform for him before we left Germany-- So I had to put it on him for all of our friends in Germany :)

Here he is getting into trouble...like usual

He spotted the fridge open...and he is there

So...we ALSO had to get him a Utah Jazz Jersey

His new word...HOT. He sees the fireplace, or food out of the microwave, or the water in the bath and repeats it over and over. Here is Colton in front of the fireplace letting everyone know that it is HOT.

And of course for St. Patrick's Day we dressed him in Green :)

The first week that we got here, it was 60 degrees one day, and then snowed A TON the next day, but melted by the afternoon. We had to take Colton out to play in the snow before it was REALLY spring!

That is our exciting lives right now..HA HA. We are kind of just going with the flow- and STILL looking for jobs :)

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Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I love all the pictures! Colton is such a cutie. We will atleast get to see you in a few weeks!!

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