Saturday, June 26, 2010

Germans in America :)

For the last 2 weeks...we have had Katrin and Basti from Weissenfels with us here :)

Luckily, Katrin took LOTS of pictures because I didn't...oops!

We got to show them around some of our favorite places, freshen up on our little German that we know, and reminisce of times we had in Germany! It brought back such good memories having them be here with us and we will never forget them, nor our time in Germany!

It was their first time in AMERICA!

Salt Lake Temple

Their first Baseball Game...

The lovely Gardener Village (We did a LOT of shopping...and they did a LOT of buying)

So, Colton is REALLY shy. Like he hides if someone looks at him. However, the morning he saw Katrin he reached up for her to hold him. I thought that was kind of interesting that he remembered her.

He goes off and on doing his squinty-eyed-cheesy grin...right now he is on.

Basti likes the NBA, knows all the players, etc. Too bad there wasn't a game, but we did get a tour of where the JAZZ play.

Inside of CABELLA'S

We also went and looked at houses (since they are few and far between in Germany). I'm not talking about just regular old houses, MASSIVE houses. Some of them it doesn't even look like it is one house. Anyway, Carli works for someone who lives up there, and they have a beautiful home. I'm not going to post EVERYTHING in their house..just the girls bathroom.
Cutest thing ever?!?!? And this picture doesn't even show how dang cute it really is!

Colty and his new girlfriend

After an adventurous week in UTAH, we headed up to good old Idaho for a few days

Katrin and Basti got their first horse ride....Colton got his first horse ride ALONE...

We went down by the water at Matt's parents and Colton couldn't resist getting in, so we stripped his clothes off and let him have at it...

The next day we got to go the lake for a little boating and tubing...another first for Colty. Luckily--his Aunt Annie held him-- I saw a few smiles coming from him!

After about 30 seconds on the tube, Basti fell off, and the water was FREEZING!! It took a couple of hours to get them back on it ;)

We then headed up to West Yellowstone/Jackson Hole Wyoming. It was a long day being in the car, but they got to see a lot of fun stuff!

Old Faithful

And of course we had to stop and see good old ISU.

I didn't get the pictures from the last few days...but the fun continued. I think their general idea of America was that everything is BIG!
They just left yesterday, and I really really really hope Matt and I can figure out a way to get back to Germany in the next couple of years!
Hope they made it home safe....we miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you are having a great day! Since it is your birthday I think you should treat yourself to some plane tickets to Hawwaii for August! Just thought I would throw that out there for you! Anyway... I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy it!!!

Cindy said...

that's so fun to show people around your world for the first time.

on another note -- when did did the delta center become energy solutions arena!?! that's just not the same at all :(

Abby said...

Chels..looks like you had so much fun with your friends from Germany! What an awesome experience you had there and the opporunity you had to meet some fun people. Im sure they were so grateful to have you to show them around America! Plus they got to see the best part, good ole Idaho;) Love you guys and Colton of course looks as cute as ever!

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