Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Party Animals

     So, We heard that the University of Idaho was a party school before we came up here-- like big time.  I thought, we are married with a kid, that is not going to affect us.  However, little did I know all the married with kids people like to party too, just in a different way--and I love it!  There are SO many activities it's crazy!  From game nights, to birthday parties, in fact- parties for every holiday or event, girls nights, dinner invities,  you name it, they do it!   Here are some pics from last weekends' Halloween party...more to come this weekend :)
Bevyn, Colton, and Kardynn

Colton thinking he is quite the stud around all these girls!

                                               I think these are the CUTEST pictures!!!

   Rachelle, Alyssa, and I.  It's so fun to live so close to them and
 our kids love to play together, they make the weeks without Matt fly by!  Oh, and I am a basketball--haha.  Matt and Colton are basketball players (I think it's the last time I try and be creative having us all dress alike, it just didn't quite work out..oh well, I'm pregnant!!)

   We have also had some fun birthday parties...a few nights ago it was Colton's little friend Koston's 1st birthday party.  Liesl (his mom) is SO crafty, along with everyone else around here.  Anyway, she decorated so cute I had to capture the cuteness :)

We also managed to get a picture of the kids sitting all together not crying!  I think they are all pretty dang cute.  Jay, Colton, Eli, Bevyn, and the Birthday Boy Koston! 

I am SO grateful for the awesome group of girls that I have met.  Matt's school worked seemed to pick up a ton in October and I don't think there has been one night where he hasn't studied long after I went to bed, and that is after putting in an 11 hour day at school already!  He said it's going to pick up even more in November, so I am bracing myself!  Anyway, I'm glad I have gotten to know some fun girls to keep me sane!  I still do look forward to Sunday's ALL week knowing Colton and I can have Matt all to ourselves for one day :) 

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