Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween :)

Well, the Halloween festivities lasted a week!  I am not even a huge Halloween person, but we sure did have fun!  We carved our Pumpkin Wednesday night...Colton Kind of got into it!

At least he knows when he uses a are supposed to feed yourself right??
Thursday night they had a Law School trick-or-treat that we went to...
Friday night they had Trick-or-treating at the mall.  It was PACKED...but still fun.  Colton loved picking out his own pieces of Candy. 

Here is Colton and Kardynn.  He loves her, and her mom made the Minnie Mouse costume homemade...I really have got to get creative!

Eli and Colton were both monkeys together!

Colton and Koston.  My dad got this outfit from China a while ago...and I tried to squeeze Colton in but it was too I was glad someone got to wear it!
The whole gang after a lot of walking around tha mall :)  They were all so good!
Saturday night we had our ward Halloween Party and trunk-or-treat which was SO fun!  And Sunday...Colton got to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters!  I am pretty sure he liked that more than trick-or-treating itself...partly because after they got a piece..he also got a piece.  I will say, since Halloween- I think Matt is the only one who has eaten a piece of candy...I have been too busy eating my pumpkin cookies I made :)


etreiersen said...

Hey Chelsey I just found your blog. Colton was one adorable monkey I loved the banana too.

I have a blog too, but it is private so let me know if you want an invitation.

Becky said...

I'm glad you let your little one run around in his diaper too. Story of my life! Looks like you guys are partying it up in Moscow.:) How fun!

Aaron, Sara, and Alice said...

Colton is so cute! Looks like fun :) Congratulations on a girl too, that's so exciting!

Julie said...

It looks like you guys have TONS of friends up there! That is so great. Hope all is well and that Matt is liking law school! And that you're feeling good. :) Colton looked darling in his costume!

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