Monday, November 15, 2010

Being a Mom

    I have SO enjoyed these past few months, and although there are days where I feel like I am a single parent, I LOVE the time I get to spend with Colton :)  He is such a good boy!  I'm starting to get a little nervous (but SO excited) to have another simply because I am worried about Colton.  We have our little routine of where we go every day and the time I get to spend with him and him only. 
   It's all about to change and he doesn't even know it!  I know every growing family goes through it, but this is our first time so I guess I am a little anxious to see how he reacts! 
   Anyway, I absolutely love being a mom and there are definitely days when I wish I could do something else for once, but nothing brings me more joy than being able to spend each and every day with him! 

I am not going to lie though....I love it when Matt is home to "babysit!"  And although Matt has an unbelievably busy schedule, he makes time to spend with Colton and I :)  Colton loves spending time with his dad, even if it is watching him do homework on the computer! 

Anyway, I am pretty much loving being a stay-at-home mom right now.  There have been many days where I have been looking for a job to reduce our loan situation when we are finished, but really there is nothing I would rather do than be able to spend time with Colton,  and although I am nervous, I am so so excited to bring Colton's little sister into this world as well :)


etreiersen said...

I agree Colton is a very well behaved little boy and very very cute too. Good luck with your upcoming arrival of a new baby. It is hard to have your life revolve around one child and then have two different schedules and needs to be met. It is so worth it. Children are such a blessing. You are such a good mom you will do great.

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

Colton is such a handsome dude! I can't wait to meet his sister. I am excited to see you guys over Thanksgiving! SOunds like you are all doing wonderful!!

The Henry's said...

I remember feeling exactly like that before I had London. J was my little buddy and we were so close. Having a baby did change the dynamic, but in a good way. J and L are the very best friends and they love to chase eachother around the house. The first few weeks are the hardest and then it all evens out. I didn't start feeling totally in control again until a year later, but I'm a weirdo so I'm sure it'll be easier for you. I just remember seeing all these moms with more than 1 kid and thinking they had it all together and how come I'm still going crazy(I still think that actually;))So I didn't want you to think all those moms do have it all together, because they don't, I didn't. Just don't be so hard on yourself. You will do just great!

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