Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blessing Weekend

We had an awesome weekend this past weekend.  Both of our parents were able to come up and Matt's little sister Annie as well!  They all rode up together Friday and left Monday morning.  It was definitely a short visit, but SO fun.  My parents stayed with our friends who live right by us, so that was nice, but we pretty much had a whole lot of people in our apartment all day!  
We had quite a few photo shoots for little Miss Mylee Mae.  I could post about 1000 pictures, but I tried to only choose a few :)

Grandpa Clair with Mylee

Colton being Colton
My beautiful mom with Mylee in the dress she made for her :)

Grandma Sari (the photographer) and Colty

I feel so lucky to have the great parents that we have.  First of all, Matt's parents were planning on driving up all along when we blessed Mylee.  My dad has been without a job for 7 months and they didn't think they would be able to spend the money to come up here.  My mom was already here, but they wanted more than anything to attend her blessing.  Matt's parents were willing to allow them to ride up with them and take some of their time spending with the kids to let my parents have the opportunity to come up as well.  How wonderful for us :)  It was such a treat to have them be able to come and meet Mylee and to have them all here at once.  Colton could not get enough of his "GA-GA'S"  He was absolutely in heaven.  He played and played and Mylee got held for 2 days straight which is a treat for her :)  All in all, it was a great weekend and we are so thankful for their willingness to drive all the way up here to see us!!  
Matt did a wonderful job with the blessing and Mylee opened her eyes up the whole time to listen to him
While my mom was here when Mylee was first born, I had told her of this image I had of a perfect blessing dress.  When I was blessed, I had a small, white, crocheted dress. My mom thought she still had it, but didn't.  We looked online and found some beautiful crocheted dresses which were all over $70.  My aunt found my cousins and sent it up to me, and that is what I was planning on Mylee wearing.  A few days after my mom got home and found out she would be coming back up to visit, she found a pattern for a crocheted white dress, and spent hours and hours making it.  I don't think I could have imagined a more perfect dress in my mind.  I am so glad I have such a talented mom, because look at how beautiful she made my little baby girl look on her blessing day :)

My dad with his 2 grandkids :)  

Living away from family is hard, and seeing them, and seeing Colton's heart break when they leave makes me wish we lived closer.  However, we have met some incredible friends living up here and it makes it that much better when we do get to be with family :)  Thanks for coming!!


Dwight and Kristian said...

Your Mom is a sweetheart! WOW! I cannot believe that she spent all that time making that dress- it is GORGEOUS, and I love it. Mylee looked adorable. I am so glad that you guys had a great weekend. You deserve it! PS. You look amazing!! Good job sheeding those pounds :)

etreiersen said...

Wow, I can't believe your mom made Mylee's blessing dress it was beautiful just like your little girl. How nice that both of your families were able to come. Colton is a cutie as well. I like the picture of him in the box, what could be more fun?

Morrows said...

I love all these pictures. Thanks for posting them. Mylee sure makes me baby hungry! I love the family picture of the 4 of you! I am so glad your parents and Matt's parents were able to go up and see all of you! Mylee's dress is beautiful! Way to go Julie! How the heck did you lose your baby weight so fast?? I still have 15lbs I can't get rid of!! You look great!

Logan and Lisa said...

That is so sweet of your Mom to make Mylee's blessing dress. It is so beautiful and Mylee looks adorable as always.

Rachelle said...

Seriously, I cannot say it enough, Mylee is sooooo beautiful...seriously I think she is gorgeous! I love her blessing dress, moms are seriously the best! I am so glad you were able to see your family, even if it was for such a short amount of time:) If you need anything please let me know!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

I can't believe your mom made that blessing dress! It's BEAUTIFUL! Gosh, there are such incredibly talented women in this world. It's so great that she was able to make your perfect dress dream come true! I love your pictures - your family is so cute. Thanks for the sweet comment, I feel such a camaraderie with you since you know exactly what it's like over here!!! You should definitely convince your husband to move you on over here again - hey, you'd already have a friend on your side!

Ps. Your hair is gorgeous! Pretty pretty girl!

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