Monday, March 7, 2011

A year ago...

Last night I had a dream that Matt decided in between his first and second year of law school he wanted to return to Germany to play basketball for a year.  I was so EXCITED!  He has been staying up all hours of the night and waking up when Mylee is ready for her first feeding of the night (which isn't usually until at least 5..but still!)  This semester has gone by fast, but I feel like life is a blur sometimes!

A year ago, we were leaving Germany to return to the states.  We were leaving all of these wonderful friends that we met that turned into family for us!

And not to mention this incredibly beautiful country!
And our little town of Weissenfels!
A year ago, Matt would get to spend half the day at home everyday with no worries, no papers to write, no books to read...and when he had a day off it would be the ENTIRE day, not just an hour here and there in between reading....but that was a year ago :( 

     Now, I'm not writing this to say that I wish we could go back to that, but life was pretty good and although life isn't necessarily better, for sure not easier, it is rewarding!  We are now a family of 4 and life is a little bit crazier and busier, but luckily we have the most awesome friends in the world here too....friends that we (especially me) can talk to about the struggles of being a mom when husbands are so busy, AND that i can talk about the Joys of being a mom watching our kids grow up!  ANyway, I am trying to enjoy every day of being here, because there were definitely days in Germany that were HARD, and now I miss it more than ever.  There are days when having a little baby, and my husband in school, and a 2 year old are HARD, but I know I am going to miss this --so I better enjoy it while I can :)  Wonder what I will be thinking a year from now???


Cindy said...

You remind me of the Darius Rucker song "Won't be Like This for Long." Good luck with your business and babies.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

I love this. It's so important to live in the moments that we have. It's funny how it takes the clarity of the 20/20 vision that hind-sight gives us to REALLY appreciate what we have. Actually, I'm really grateful for what you've said because these last few weeks have been a little bit harder for me (I'm sure you remember those rough-patches over-seas) but reading your post really got me thinking about what I am very grateful for and how important it is for me to appreciate every little thing life is bringing me right now. Especially because one day it will be all just a memory!

Thank you so much. This is more than an answer to a prayer! I really appreciate your positive attitude and insight!

Rachelle said...

I love this post because I can totally feel for ya! Last year I remember thinking how busy our life was and how I wish Jer was already in law school like Annie and NOlan were...but now with my busy crazy life as basically a single mom and no family near by to help, I raelize how much time I really had with Jer and how lucky we were...but as hard as it has been, time really has flown by- their first year is almost over, wahoo!!! I am hoping next year gets easier but if not, it will just make us stronger and hey we will always have each other! Even though most our other friends will be leaving after may :( ANd like you said one day we will look back at our time in law school and have fond memories and even, possibly, miss it! :)

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