Monday, October 3, 2011

I love being a mom

The past couple of weeks the kids and I have been busy.  A group of girls and I go on an hour walk 3 mornings a week with the kids in tow, the other 2 mornings a week my friend comes over first thing and I get to go work out while she stays with the kids, then she goes while I watch her son. 
We have started going to library story time once a week, we have mommy and me once a week, and we are going to a KinderMusik class once a week which I love!!  
We still are going to parks, friends houses, outside on our play area, our neighbors come over and play, trips to the grocery store, and Wal-Mart to look at the toys.
But sometimes what I love most is just playing on the bed and putting a blanket over their heads and listen to them both giggling so hard they can't breathe.  I love that they now take a bath together and splash each other, I love that Colton crawls under the kitchen table chasing Mylee, I love when Mylee wakes up and as soon as she sees Colton she literally squeals in delight.
I love our little routine, the kids and I.
And I love being their mom.

We went to the fair a couple of weekends ago...they loved the animals!!!

Here are pictures of Colton and Mylee both at 8 months.  I found pictures where they looked a lot alike, I don't think they look THAT much alike anymore.

I attempted to take pictures of them in their church clothes...this is what I got.
I LOVE it!

I try so hard to get a picture of her sitting, but she moves so fast I always cut her head off!  (ps she has the GREATEST dimples)

She goes from squatting to standing (and has been doing so since about 7.5 months)  Where did my baby go???

I think he is the sweetest, lovable, most handsome little man...

And she lights up our world.  I can't believe what an unbelievably happy, smiley little girl she is.

I love both of them more than anything in the world (and their daddy)  I am a lucky girl to be their mom.


mrs. olson said...

Being a mom is the best, especially when we appreciate the little things!

Rachelle said...

Oh Chelsey you are so cute! Being a mom is the best and most rewarding job! Mylee does have the BEST dimples ever, your kids are darling and I am so happy I get to see them so much!!! I did not know you were still doign the Musikgarten thing??? How is it going?

Cicily said...

Chelsey, I just have to comment that your kids are the most adorable little kids I have every seen!! I'm glad you guys are having a good time in Moscow.


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