Thursday, September 29, 2011


...was Matt's birthday.  He turned 28.  I usually don't write a lot/brag about him.  But, seriously, on his birthday, I can brag.

    He is a wonderful husband, dad, student, friend, person, etc. etc. I love watching him play with our kids...he is SO good with them. He will lay on the floor and let them climb/jump/crawl all over him and they love it and he loves it! He works so hard at school, he goes in early so he can come home early and spend time with his kids!   This year is a lot different than last year and he gets to spend a lot more time with us. We are all loving it and hoping it lasts!

     We started the celebration of his birthday last weekend-- Friday at about noon we decided to go to Spokane for the night. We left after Matt played basketball (ya, he had to play his weekly basketball game first) and got to our Hotel (provided by Matt's little brother Andy who worked at the Marriott and got awesome deals for us over the past year!!). Our friends Nate and Ashley came and we got a 2 bedroom suite! We headed out to dinner and the mall and then went swimming at the hotel! The next day we got up and swam and headed out for more shopping!!  First we headed to TOYS R US!  Colton was in Heaven!! I definitely have some ideas of what he wants for his birthday and Christmas!  It was so fun we spent over an hour in there!

We continued shopping, went out to eat, shopped some more and finally headed home for the day!  I couldn't wait any longer to give him his birthday present and it had arrived earlier in the day so we stopped off at Wal-Mart on our way home for our very first flat screen TV!  With the help of our parents and Wal-mart for selling refurbished TV's...haha, we got an awesome deal! 

    Monday night we had a little party for him at the park with some friends and then last night (on his birthday) we had a ward party, The Newlywed game (With babysitting provided)  Anyway- it has been a fun week and I hope Matt feels loved and appreciated, because he is the greatest!

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Jonathan and Kiri said...

How fun!! I just love the brag posts about husbands on their birthdays. It's so wonderful to hear about good men that love their families and work so hard. How sweet it is that Matt goes in early so he can spend more time with you all. It sounds like you guys had a great celebration!! Happy Birthday to your husband!! Love the toys r us pics :)

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