Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our week

Monday we had no school. 
I say WE.
Matt had no school.
It was wonderful.
I got to go exercise in the morning.
Matt went in for a few hours and studied.
Mylee had a doctors appointment.
Shots and all.
She weighs 22 lbs. and is 30 3/4 in. long.
My kids played at the indoor playplace together...
and laughed and laughed
I loved watching them
FHE at night.

Tuesday was a normal day.
Played basketball for 2 hours.
Played with the kids
Read lots of books
Had Bunko at night!

Wednesday it began to snow.
And snow, and snow.
The little girl I babysit came over.
We made masks...and
We played the rest of the day!
I had a meeting at night.
It got canceled due to snow.
I played basketball instead
against a 15-yr. boys old AAU team!
We found out school was canceled for Thursday
because of snow...

Thursday morning we loaded up the kids to the church,
so I could play basketball :)
We found out a family in our ward's apartment
had a gas leak and blew up half of the apartment.
Matt went and moved their stuff out of their apartment most of the day.
He made the front page of the paper for his "rescue efforts"
I learned how to make carameled apples with a friend all afternoon,
while the boys watched the kiddos.
They are delicious!

Friday U of I resumed at noon.
Matt got a late start which was wonderful!
Because I got to go work out.
He came home earlier than normal.
We went to a friends house, had dinner,
put the babies to bed
at their house...
and played games all night.
It was SO fun.

Saturday morning I got up and got to exercise AGAIN!
Then, we went and both played in our church basketball games.
I don't love playing with guys, and I know they don't love playing with girls
But, it was still fun!
All 3 kids (including the girl I babysit)
took naps for over 2 hours!!!
So I took a nap too :)
Matt took the big kids to clean the church.
I went grocery shopping with Mylee.
We came back and our friends brought there boys over
so they could go on a date.
Colton wouldn't go to bed
because he took a nap.

Amazing Church
Naps :)
Colton pooped in the potty.
Friends over for dinner
Kids to bed EARLY.

I loved this week!!!
 Maybe because Matt only had 2 full days of school.
That never happens!

I wrote this all down so I can remember what our weeks were like.

And these are the only pics I got from the week...

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mrs. olson said...

What a fun week!! That's crazy there was an explosion!

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