Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Instagrammed October

The middle of October we headed to Sun Valley for the weekend.
Matt had a conference for his semester in practice and we stayed with our friends
Nate and Ashley at a family members cabin.

I have never been to Sun Valley but it was beautiful.

There was a Minnie Mouse at the cabin
and Mylee got a little obsessed with it.
Love this picture of her and Minnie.

The road the cabin was on.

We actually got to see Matt while we were there :)
A little tour of Sun Valley!

One of the best parts about this month was that I got a family pass to the YMCA.
I got this guy to come with me :)  
We lifted together and played basketball, and then took the kids swimming.
We go every day!

My parents came to visit the next weekend, and we had SO much fun.
We went to Linder Farms and enjoyed the fall festivities!

My kids just love their grandparents.

We were able to go to the Boise Temple Open House.
We were walking out and Colton said, "The temple is Booti-ful"
I couldn't agree more.

Colton had his last soccer game and my parents got to be there.
The farther in the season we went, the less interested he got.
Oh well, he had fun and smiled a lot!

Mylee and her kisses....Yikes!

We also made a Quick trip to Pocatello/Idaho Falls.
I started being a consultant for a company called Heritage Makers.
I am loving their products.
I love to scrapbook, always have, but I can't get all the paper out anymore!!
I have never been into digital, but tried it with Heritage Makers and it's great!
You can make pages that are so similar to real scrapbooking, as well as calendars, christmas cards, etc.
Anyway, I went to Pocatello to have a little workshop for Heritage Makers.

I also got my hair done :)  
I copied my sister in law and tried the "ombre"  hair style,
 so my roots don't look so terrible when they grow out!!!

Our Halloween Festivities started a week before Halloween.
We went to Matt's work for Trick-or-Treating
We had our church Trunk-or-Treating and Halloween Party.
We went to Boo at the Zoo
AND...we had a Halloween Party with friends.

Seriously not my favorite picture of them in their costumes, but since today is the Real Halloween
we will be getting some cute ones!!

Last Saturday I ran in the Boise Color Run with four of my friends, Jackie, Suzie, and Rachelle
We had a blast, but probably most fun watching all the crazy people that were there.

Here we are "colored" at the finish.
OK, honestly, I was going into the race to have fun but when I got near the finish and realized my time was going to be "decent" I didn't care about the color.
I ended up right at 26:00, and that was weaving in and out of the people literally Rolling in the color.  I really want to do another now, but think I will stick to 5k's!

 At the Boo at the Zoo

The weather in Boise has been incredible.  
We were at the park yesterday and a lady was going on and on about Mylee and how cute she is.  
She then said, seriously, she is the Marilyn Monroe of babies!!
I had to laugh.  I think she is pretty dang cute too.

I started coaching this week, a 9th grade girls basketball team.
I was loving it, so excited for it
and then found out that there were not enough teams in the district to play.
I am pretty bummed.
Sometimes it is nice for a mom to have some sort of outlet, 
or something to do that makes you feel worthwhile.
But today I took my kids swimming for a couple of hours
and am happy I get to spend ALL of my time with them!

Happy Halloween!!!

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etreiersen said...

The Marilyn Monroe of babies, how funny. Mylee is beautiful, just like her mom :)

Looks like a fun run you did. Too bad about the coaching. It is nice for moms to have an outlet. You have such a great attitude on motherhood though. Spending time with your kids is the best.

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