Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall in Boise

I have been so bad at blogging this past month.
We have managed to stay very busy and always have something going on.
Which is the way I like it.
Not to mention Colton and Mylee keep us very busy!

Mylee is about 21 months old.
I feel like I documented Colton's life so much better...
She is talking a ton, pretty much everything I say, she says.
She has a HUGE personality, both feisty and sweet as ever.
She likes attention, good or bad.
She LOVES her dad.  I can't express that one enough, it's cute.

I have a new little hobby.
Eating clean.
For the most part, I do pretty well.
The first week I started, I did great.  Nothing processed, tons of fruits and veggies, lean protein, etc.
Friday night, I said, "Let's go to Fuddruckers!!"
Matt did NOT complain :)

These are part of my obsession.

Mylee likes to do everything Colton does, as I suppose, does any younger sibling.
Even pee like a boy!!  I don't know how I am ever going to potty train her as a GIRL!?

The beginning of September, my friend, Courtney from Moscow came down with her mother in law and we were able to attend Time out for Women.
It was incredible.
I came home feeling like a new person.

 We had to take a picture and they entered it into a contest, I seriously thought we should have won!

I love this picture of Matt and Mylee.
This was at our Stake activity.
He is a good daddy.

I have started making these Homemade Whole Wheat cinnamon rolls...
Love them.  
Kind of proud I made them,
even though they are not THAT hard. 

Totally random post...
Just pictures of our lives from my phone.

 We pretty much like to go do something every night...while the weather is beautiful.
This night we went downtown...

Colton's first soccer team...
he likes running around and smiling... and looks really cute.
But during his games...his shy side comes out.
We'll go play another time and he runs around like crazy kicking the ball...
but not during his games!!

Checking out the BSU bball stadium on one of our morning jogs :)

Matt and I were so lucky to have someone give us tickets to the BSU vs. BYU game.
The final score was 7-6 so you would think it would have been a boring game.
I loved it.  Best date ever in my opinion.
I love watching football and it was so fun to be at the game live.

We were so lucky to have Matt's family (parents, and brother and family) come to visit us that weekend also.  They went to the game but we were all sitting away from each other.
 Colton was in heaven with his cousins there.

The boys at the zoo.

My sister in law Misty with Colton and Rhev

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids (except Sayli who was sleeping
 and Cooper--we miss you!!!)

That night we got to go to Chuck -E- Cheese
I don't think I have been there in 20 years.
Wow, it was really fun.
Don't let Mylee fool you in this picture, 
it was her first ride and she was a little nervous.
But she Loved it!

Matt and I had a little competition going in the basketball game.
We ended up beating each others scores a bunch of times and had to keep playing.
We ended up in a tie!
Are you kidding me?
But we were out of tokens and had been there forever
so it was probably better that way.

We got to go to the Farmers Market and play in the splash pad.

Oh...and don't forget about the Cheesecake Factory

We were sad to have them go, but so glad they came!!

Here is a random photo...but I put Mylee's hair all the way up in a pony!  I love it!

Family popcorn/movie night.

Seriously Colton, does the word "Cheese" make your face do that?

The next weekend, we went to Pocatello so I could play in the ISU Alumni game.
It was really fun.
Not a lot of girls from my year played, 
but I love playing basketball even if I really struggled :)
Lots of family came down, which was SO nice.

The next morning we got to go to the ISU homecoming parade...
My kids were in Heaven with the candy...and cousins....and action!

We went up and visited my parents as well, my little brother Tanner
made me take this picture of him and Matt so he could redeem himself from his adorable picture from over 6 years ago.
 Mylee loving the cats at my parents house.

The night before we left, we had dinner with Brandon and Misty and their boys.
They love playing together.
I tried to get them to take a picture together and this is what I got.

2 seconds later, this is what happened!

We're back in Boise.
Here is my little beauty coloring on everything she can.

I straightened her hair to see how long it was...Wow.
She looks all grown up.

I got to watch some boys for a little bit one afternoon...
my kids loved it!
Playing behind the lovesac.

This is what happens when he puts a hat on for 5 minutes!

I love these two.
I have been thinking a lot about why I want to stay at home with them.
Because I do not want to miss anything they do!
I love every second of it...ok there are definitely seconds I don't love
but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I hate how sporadic this post was, but I don't want to forget about our every day adventures 
(if they are really considered adventures)

Here is to blogging more consistently!!


mrs. olson said...

You have done so much! I love it! I'm glad you're loving it in Boise!!

etreiersen said...

It looks like you are loving Boise. It is a fun place to live. I can't believe how tall Colton is. Mylee is so pretty with her curly hair.

Random post are great:) Keep up the good work.

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