Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Instagrammed December

Spent a little time with my little brother...about to leave on his mission!

What can I say about her?

Went to the light parade (it was a little cold :)) in Pocatello!

I threw away ALL the Halloween candy, actually sent Matt this
 picture while he was gone, he wasn't very happy ;)

It got cold in Boise..sad sad day!

My kids played together for a few minutes..hehe

She is a beauty.

Colton turned 4!!!

For his birthday...we went swimming in the A.M.

And Chuck-E-Cheese with friends that night.

He was the happiest kid Alive.

I wish Colton could stay the way he is forever.
He is kind of shy, but kind of crazy, generally happy and super easy going.
He is so dang kind hearted, I hope he ALWAYS stays that way 
because he will go far in life with that kind of attitude.
We love him.

One of our last nights hanging out with Tanner.

My littlest brother left on his mission.
This is the 3rd one to go and I swear it is sad every time.
Those amazing boys that leave for 2 years, I am very very impressed!

 Matt's new company 
(P.S. HE got a start this summer!!!!)
In Pocatello, they invited us to their Christmas parties.
We had an adult only and then the family party the next day.
They got the kids Christmas gifts that were amazing!
We felt spoiled and feel so blessed to have a job lined up!

We spent a week with my family and Travis came...
this is what the 2 of them did all week!  

Oh, and would it be Christmas break without a trip to the
 church gym for some basketball?
We had a few of these.

My parents got Mylee the cutest pink bike...

And Colton a yellow scooter!

They loved them...if you can't tell!

Annual Christmas Pajama Parade
Christmas Eve with my family

Christmas Day at the Stucki's

Fun in the snow...

Best Friends 

Mylee's corvette from Matt's parents...
She is spoiled :)

 The weekend before New Years
Matt played in a Pocatello H.S. Alumni tournament
He didn't play at that H.S. but they allowed 2 non poky alum per team.
Well, his team won the whole tournament.
And I am pretty sure he had a blast!!
As we always say, those were the good old days! haha

New Years Eve we went to some friends house, 
some girls I roomed with in college
and their friends.
It was fun to feel young again and party the night away 
playing Singing and Dancing games!
Too bad this is the only picture I got!

It was an awesome break.  
I thought 3 1/2 weeks would be too long,
but it was wonderful.


etreiersen said...

What a nice long break. That is one thing I miss about law school the long breaks. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I can't believe Colton is 4. Wasn't he just in my nursery class yesterday? Mylee is such a beautiful little girl. I can't get over her hair.Congratulations on Matt's job.That is great news.

Cindy said...

looks like a fun month. and yay for getting the job! that's awesome.

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