Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Instagrammed January

It looks like this is what my blog is turning into.
My instagrams of every month. 
Oh well.

We got back from Christmas Vacation
and went straight to my city league basketball game.
Colton split his chin open at my game.
So our first night back was spent at the E.R.

Not going to lie...
he was pretty tough with the whole thing.

Two days after we got back,
Matt's parents came to visit 
and brought us all of our Christmas presents!!
They also took us to Tucanos
WOW.  It was good.
We had them sing Happy Birthday to Mylee, a week early :)

Some friends came in town from Moscow
So we all got together!
There is nothing like Law School friends!

Colton got some new puzzles..he is obsessed.

 Some of our friends moved from Moscow to Boise for the last semester, YAY!!
We went to POJOS game center.
Mylee has a friend!!

Colton got to ride on the bumper cars!

This beauty turned 2.
I don't even know what I can say about her.
She is Always full of energy, she is sassy, she is so sweet and she is crazy.
We absolutely LOVE her.

Showing her "Shy" side.
I watched my friends kids on Mylee's birthday
so her boyfriends were at her party!

Colton has been thinning out...kind of.

We had my kids 4 and 2 year old doctor check ups.

Who makes their kids take a picture at the doctor??
Colton is in 95% for height and weight.
Mylee is about the 90%
And they both have some CHEEKS!

We also drag our kids to all of our basketball games.
And they love it.

We got some sweet tickets to the BSU game from Matt's friend.
We plan on going to more.
Can't get enough basketball!

We even spoiled our kids and got popcorn.
That is totally spoiling them for us!

 Since I watched my friends kids,
the next weekend Matt and I got to go out while she watched ours.
(How great is thaT?)
We went to the Target Clearance section and got us all some new
slippers for our 0 degree weather!

Completely random picture of my kids
eating breakfast in the morning.
I got them this table for Christmas (Great purchase)
Check out Mylee's lips.
I'm a little jealous!

On any day where we don't have anything planned
we live at the YMCA.
another one of my friends moved from Moscow to Boise.
and she and her children accompany us every day.
It's quite the life.
We get to exercise with babysitting that my kids LOVE.
And...then our kids get to exercise in the pool :)
It's a win win.
And I will be sad to leave it.

Ice storm in Boise...insane.

She got a stuffy nose and became my baby again for a few days.
Don't judge, she still has a binky.
Only when she sleeps.

There is a rec center in town that sets up toys for kids once a week.
We love it.

Headed to Matt's game with him.
He tells me, I get to go play basketball mom.
Well, actually, I'm going to sit on the bench while daddy plays.
He is the sweetest.

Doesn't that look yummy :)
I have been on a health kick...oh for about
6 months now.
I am cooking all Natur-AL. 
No processed. (that's my goal)
It's kind of fun.

We took a quick trip home for the weekend.
Here is Miss Mylee ready to go.

It snowed.
a ton!
We got sent home from church
and played in the snow! 

Well, the boys did  :)

My little brother is on a mission.
We also got to watch the girl he left play some basketball!!
Lovely picture of my kids, cute of Hailey!

At the YMCA yesterday, Matt decided not to wear his mouth guard
I warned him of his consequences ;)
I was not very happy when I saw him toothless,
but I couldn't stop laughing after a while!
Thanks to great friends (With our No dental insurance)
we got it fixed!!

That's our January.
I was not looking forward to coming back after being home, 
but it was a FABULOUS month for being so cold.

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