Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Instagrammed Spring

Matt getting a little study done in the morning...in my robe. 

Car Wash

My brother got us tickets to a Jazz/Thunder game.  
What?  Thunder happen to be my favorite team :)

The Fam at the Jazz game.  (Cut out Travis and Carli)

I have always talked about how I hate getting candy because I'm eating sugar and not even liking it. I only like the red skittles and pink starburst.
This is what Matt got me for Valentine's Day.
Greatest husband ever.

My baby and I at my cousins wedding.

In the past few months I have been striving to eat healthier.  
In the process, I have become somewhat of a whole foodest.  Instead of reading how many calories/fat grams something has, I read what ingredients are in it.
I started baking homemade bread in that process.
This is my very first loaf :)

More on my obsession ;)

I decided to try out a ponytail on Mylee.
And fell in love.

My parents came in town for the High School State Tournament and of course
 we took a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese.

The kids and I got sick for a good solid week.
Matt brought me home some flowers.

Beautiful baby girl 
with her twinner baby doll.

It's starting to warm up in boise.
Love this picture.

We decided to take a quick trip to Eastern Idaho over the weekend
for Matt to play in a basketball tournament.

In which they won.  Surprise surprise

My cousin made me blonde again :)
and I got to see a good friend whose husband played with Matt in college
and again in this tournament.

The next weekend we had a Girls Retreat.
(Not everyone is pictured here that attended)
but some drove down from Coeur D'Alene, Moscow and some
drove up from Utah.
We stayed at a hotel, shopped, went out to eat, talked, laughed.
It was a blast.
I definitely think it should be a bi-yearly thing!
Love all my Moscow girls!

During that week, my kids literally got the stomach flu
for a week.  It was insane.  I felt terrible for them...and myself :)

Finally feeling better!

Our neighborhood hot tub!  
I don't know why we haven't done this every night?!

Zoo day with friends!

Easter weekend festivities.  

Their Easter outfits from Annie's wedding the summer before!

More zoo time!

I love these 2.
Matt and I left on a week long trip to Hawaii 
(a whole other post)
and I missed these 2!!!

The Sunday we got back, the nursery leader came and got me telling me Mylee had pooped all over her dress, tights, shoes.  Basically, we stripped her down and she rode home naked to church.
She wined the whole way that she was missing nursery!

Their Kauai shirts!!

Using their Christmas presents outside!!

Part of my whole food life change also is eating less meat.
A sample of my delicious vegetarian Spaghetti!

Colton got a little stomach flu when we got back and did not stop sleeping for a week.
I love watching my babies sleep!

Trip to the Nike outlet to fill this girls obsession with shoes!!

a trip to Target 
(got to live it up in Boise while I can!!)

After church, Mylee said, I poop this way.
Isn't she so lady like?!

Matt traded in his 7 year old Adidas for not 1 but 1 new Nikes ($20 a piece!!)

Love this happy sweet boy.

A park night.  
Love these girls.

Just looking out over the beautiful Boise.

A little trip to the Idaho Aquarium
I am going to miss Boise 
and all it has to offer!!!

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Rachael said...

You have the cutest kids ever! I am so happy for you to move on from the school phase. I'm glad I got to know you when I did.

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