Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My thoughts

I don't love when I don't update my blog.  I love coming back to my blog and seeing what we were doing at different times in our lives.  It is my journal.  I have been horrible about updating it this year.
When we moved to Boise, I was not excited to move here.  I wished we would have stayed in Moscow for our last year.  9 months later, I love boise.  I knew it would happen.  Maybe I was preparing myself because I knew we were going to leave Boise and I was trying not to get too attached.
We are leaving Boise in 2 weeks to start our next adventure.  I am hoping/assuming it will be a little bit longer of an adventure than the last few.
Matt has a job.  I could not be happier that my husband is graduating from Law School and has a job.
There are so many that can't say that.  It breaks my heart.  I have seen how hard my husband (as well as all of the others in law school) have worked.  So. Unbelievably. Hard.  And I am so grateful we have a job.
I have mixed feelings about Law School being over.  We have grown as a couple, as a family and met some of the best friends we have ever had.  They were our family away from family.  I am a little nervous to start "real life" Matt and I have been married for almost 7 years and we have yet to start "real life."  I am also so so excited to start real life.  (I know I am scatterbrained)  It will be so great to meet friends and not have to say goodbye 9 months later.  It will be great not to try and decide if I should hang up certain pictures because I know I will have to take them down in a few months.  This will be our 5th city in 4 years, 11th house in 4 years, and 5th time I have deep cleaned an apartment in 4 years (I really hope I am done with that one!!)  But honestly, if life takes us to another city, house, etc. and that's what we are supposed to do, we will do it.
But for now, I am going to spend my next few weeks saying goodbye to friends that I love here in Boise and enjoying the time I have left in this beautiful place.
Yay for Graduating Law School!!!!

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