Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moving on...

This is about a month late but still a very big day in our lives.
Matt graduated Law School!!

3 years ago, I was already anxious for this day
and then when it came, I am not sure if I was quite ready.

We met some of the Greatest friends we have ever had.
We grew as a family and really enjoyed being in school.

We decided to stay in Boise for graduation instead of
 going up to Moscow and it was perfect. 

This is how Colton entertained himself through the graduation.

Proud son.

Four generations of Stucki's.
If every generation gets that much taller,
watch out for Colton when he is older :)

The whole gang who came to support Matt.

Matt and 2 of his good buddies from school.
So thankful for these great guys who not only helped Matt through
school, but their wives helped me!
We were missing more that didn't come down to Boise!

The girls:)

Thinking he is a big deal.

It ended up being a great night and were grateful
for family who came and supported us.
A week before graduation, I threw a graduation party for 11 of
the graduates we knew well in Boise.
It turned out so fun.
My cute friend, Debbie, made this cake that we all took pictures by.
We had pictures of the grads when they were little and they had to guess who was who in the pictures.  We also played a little game where they had to write who was most likely to...  It was a blast and I will miss (and do miss) all of our great friends.
A few of these girls I didn't even get to know very well until we moved down to Boise.  I think we definitely move/ do things a certain way for a reason
and I feel like I needed to get to know each of these awesome ladies for a reason.
But I sure wish we could all live on the same street!
We did a toast to the grads

My sweet friend Hollie!
My kiddos and their cute friends.
We also did some serious hanging out/touring of Boise
before we left.  We went with some friends to camelback park in Boise
for a little hike and took some pictures looking over this beautiful city.
I fell in love with Boise!
We went to the zoo about once a week (even during the winter)
and finally decided to get a picture with all the mom's AND the kids!
Such a great group!!
All loaded up.  11th move in our 7 years of marriage.
I would say we are pretty much pro's by now!
Our next adventure is Pocatello!
Matt got a great job and we couldn't be happier about it.
As for now, he is working and studying for the Bar
(I guess law school isn't completely over) 
The worst part still lies ahead!
No more school for us, after 7 years, we are (hopefully) DONE!
We will definitely miss...
game nights, apartment building parks, ultimate frisbee trips, girls nights, 100 kids under 3 in our ward, walks, dinners with friends, finals week dinners with the girls and kids, our AMAZING friends, being poor and not having a care in the world, road trips, intramural basketball, intramural flag football, leaving our baby monitor at neighbors because you're so close, having 5 baby showers in a week, Always having a friends to talk to who know EXactly what you are going through, putting 7 kids to sleep at one house and playing games all night and driving home late, living in a tiny apartment, christmas breaks, thanksgiving breaks, spring breaks, etc. etc. etc.
BUT, we look forward to our next phase of life!

And did I mention how proud I was of Matt?  Because I am pretty proud!!!

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Rachael said...

That is so awesome you're done! Congratulations!!! I am so glad we had our time together :)

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