Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 Our trip to Disneyland could not have been more perfect.  I was nervous that my kids would get tired/grumpy, that my 30 weeks pregnant self would get tired/grumpy :)  But it ended up being So great!!  We started off Tuesday and drove to St. George, took a little pit stop at the shops, let the kids run around in 75 degree weather.  

We got up the next day, got in the car with our good friends, The Davis' and headed to Anaheim.  We decided to go to Newport Beach first thing and got there at about 1:00.
The weather was PERFECT.  75 degrees and sunny.
We decided not to bring the kids swimsuits because we thought they would just play in the sand, so we left swimsuits in the car and headed down to the beach.

Well...they started playing in the water, tripped and fell a few times so decided they were stripping down.  Fine by us!  They had a blast...for 3 1/2 hours!!  (If you can't tell :))

Just had to document baby girl at the beach!

Hehehe....sorry Mylee.  Maybe you should put your panties back on!

After the beach...we checked into the hotel and headed straight to Downtown Disney.

I got to see an old teammate from Idaho state, Natalie!  She came to dinner with us at the Rainforest Cafe...so nice of her to drive up and meet us.  It was fun to catch up and chat!

The next morning we got up first thing and headed to California Adventures.
We walked into the park and saw Mickey.  My kids were so excited.
I LOVED their enthusiasm and excitement for Everything!!  
There was not one thing they whined/complained about but smiled the whole Day long!!

Mylee was able to go on most of the rides...including the tower of terror (not the best idea)  But for some reason, she was too short for the river raft ride.  We got their ponchos on so they would not get wet and got in line.  When Mylee got up there and they told her she couldn't go, she was a little devastated.  So..we went and got a Mickey Mouse ice cream!  

And found Jessie :)

The first day was perfect.  Colton went on every ride with Matt and Mylee went on most.  The weather was beautiful.  We were at the park for about 10 hours and hardly sat down for a second.  By the end of the day, Mylee was skipping back to our car.  I don't know how they still had so much energy!!  But they were troopers!!

Day 2: Disneyland
It rained all night...and we arrived at the park at about 9 am and it was pouring!!  We had our ponchos but were kind of panicking.  We went straight into a few indoor rides to stay out of the rain and by the time we were done with them the rain stopped! 

About halfway through the day, the rain picked up again and rained pretty good for a solid hour.  Matt went with Colton on space mountain and Mylee and I went on the buzz lightyear ride...when we got done, Mylee played with the Toy Story stuffed animals for a good half hour.  It was a nice break for this prego mama :)

Once the rain stopped, the sun came out and it was Beautiful.  I think half the people had left the park as well which was AWESOME!!!

Colton is explaining how much he LOVES splash mountain.  
Matt and him went on it 5 times.
4 times in a row once the crowds were gone, with no wait.

We snuck in a Whinnie the Pooh ride...
Mylee and I spent a TON of time together, as did Colton and Matt.
The funny thing is, when we were all together, Mylee just wanted her daddy and Colton just wanted his mom!  We had such a great time with our sweet kids.

Matt and Colton's last time down Splash Mountain.
Matt had Colton go in the front with his hands up...
and this picture Cracks me up!!  Colton looks so scared although he loved the ride.

I think the whole experience was magical.
My kids were troopers, never complained, loved everything!  
It was so sad leaving that second day.
I wish we could go back every few months!!

The last day we were in Cali we headed down to the pool at our resort.  

And the arcade room :)

And for a walk in the lush, green California.

And a quick last stop at the cheesecake factory.  Our favorite restaurant.  

All Colton wanted to do was look at our map of Disneyland and talk about all of the awesome places we went to and his favorite spots.

I love my little family.

The day we left I hit the 30 week pregnant mark.  I am so grateful that I felt so great on our trip!

My little troopers.  They were perfect in the car.  Mylee took lots of naps, they colored, read books, played and watched some movies.  

It's back to real life being home...wish we were still there.
Colton asked if we could stay in California until it was spring in Idaho...haha I wish.

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Rachael said...

So fun! I'm glad your kids loved it and you didn't get too tired. Hazel thinks we should go back for her birthday...fat chance :)

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