Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Birthday!!

My birthday was Great this yeaR! Maybe because I had been working at a basketball camp in St. George all week, and Finally got to just be home..or because it really was that good. Anyway, we got up and went swimming and then relaxed alll afternoon. I got a gift certificate to get a massage, and some cute baby clothes, and scrapbook stuff!!!...anyway, for dinner Matt and I went and used the gift card for the Outback!! So...since I never take pictures, we had to take some before we left! If you look can see my belly is getting just a little bit bigger!!!

There is the baby bump a little bit better at 17 weeks. We went and walked around the temple grounds, and I have to say it was the most perfect weather. This is one of my favorite spots to stand and look at the temple!
And then Matt got to take a picture by himself. I wanted to take one together but there was no one around to take our picture!! Oh well...


Jeffrey and Elise: said...

chelsey congrats on the baby and happy b-day (i love having a summer b-day) and ya'll look so cute together!

Jeffrey and Elise: said...

We live here in Provo 100N 377E to be exact! I would love to see ya and I actually went to Megans baby shower and thought i might see some of the Georgians, but no one :(

Logan and Lis said...

Happy belated! You look so cute!

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