Monday, July 7, 2008

4th OF July Weekend!!

Yay!! 4th of July! We drove to Wyoming with my parents the day of the 4th for my cousins baptism. Friday night we got to go to the city of Green Rivers' fireworks show!! It was actually a lot of fun, and the weather was about 10 degrees cooler than in Salt nice!

Another... Close UP!
After the fireworks show was over, we are all sitting there talking and all of the sudden all of the sprinklers went off in the field we were sitting in. It was hilarious! So..we all took off to the car trying to dodge the sprinklerS! Then...of course we had to take some more pictures! This is my brother Travis and Matt...I dont know exactly what Travis is doing.
Before the baptism. This is me at 18 weeks...I think there is something popping out a little!


Cindy Mantei said...

you're so cute with the little baby update pictures :)

Carp, Melis, Kimmi, & Telf said...

I seriously have not talked to you in forever. I have been pretty lucky the last few years and have gotten to go a lot of places. I am in Hawaii for almost 8 weeks. It is so amazing. I am loving life here and never want to go back to Idaho. We have the most chill life and basically just hang out at the beach almost every day. How are you? I am so excited that you are having a baby. What else have you been up to? Well let me know how everything is going.

Anna said...

I'm jealous you already know what you are having. I guess I have to wait just a little bit longer. That'll be fun to be pregnant together and see pictures. You look so cute, as always. Glad things are going well.

lisa said...

ohhhh chelsey i love it that you are gonna have a baby! y'all are just precious!

Carp, Melis, Kimmi, & Telf said...

I am teaching school so I get paid year round. So even though I am not working all summer, I am still making money. Plus, I work like 3 jobs during the school year so I have money to play. We are staying in a BYU-Hawaii house. I just came out here with my 2 best friends from high school and another girl we met at college. It is such a blast! What are you up to these days?

Tanya said...

You are right, one is not enough for me! haha So to answer your question hopefully baby number 2 comes soon...haha. And you are so cute with your baby picture updates. Just wait, you'll be showing in no time!

BWei said...

Chelsey! I can't remember if I already responded to your post on my blog, so if so, sorry for the repeat. It was so great to reconnect with you! Congratulations on the and your husband look great and so happy. Please give your parents a big hello from me. Tell them I wish they still lived in my parents' ward! :-)

SiKa FaMiLy said...

Hey sorry it took a while to respond.... we were in the middle of a move over here then we vacationed in Utah for two weeks and now we are back here and the internet is working now! A boy, WOW so exciting!!! We are going to find out in our next appointment.. We are so exciting to find out... How are you feeling?? I am due on the 20 of December.... it is so cool that you and Anna and me are pregnant at the same time... our little ones someday will all have to be on a b-ball team together.. he he well hope all is well... have a great Sunday!!!

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