Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend with the fam...

So I have decided to start making this more of a journal than just showing events. I am sure that is what a lot of people use it for, but I am just figuring things out, obviously. Anyway, we had a fun time this weekend and were able to spend lots of time with family...
Friday night because my brothers were both camping, we went out to Tepanyaki with my parents. It's where they cook the Japanese food right in front of you. Anyway, we have gone one other time with them and its so funny because the guy always picks on my mom. It's like they know ahead of time that she will laugh at EvErYthiNG they say. He kept scaring her the whole time and making jokes about her... and she just takes it! It was really fun and the food is delicious!! My dad was too afraid too ask someone to take the picture(or maybe I was) so he ended up taking the picture and you can barely see the side of his face..oops!
So-here is my belly finally poking out at 21 weeks!! I swear this just happened in the past few days but all of the sudden I feel huge..I know there is a lot more to come but for right now I am feeling like I am really big! I am all dressed up because we were going to the temple with Matt's brothers fiance. It was such a great experience! They are getting married on Friday in the Idaho Falls temple! We are so excited!!
Here is the front even looks kind of large from this view- or I just think it does! Pregnancy symptoms right now: Im finally I think completely over being sick. I was sick until about 15-16 weeks and still smells made me sick, but it is getting a little better at this point. Im feeling the baby kick(or move) a lot which is fun. I felt him at about 16 weeks and then it would be here and there for a few weeks but now its a few times a day!! Other than that, not much else is changed!...Oh I can sleep anywhere, anytime and love it!
So, this is Tyson's girlfriend(he has 10 months left of his mission). She is going to China to teach in schools for four months, so she came to say hello and goodbye! It was so fun having her over, and we hope she will stick around when she gets back from China for a few more months until Tyson gets home! I really don't know what Tanner is doing in this picture but he always likes to be in the action!
Another picture of all of us before Meighan left!


Stacy said...

I have a few comments: You look adorable! You don't look big at all! So so cute! Now when did Tanner get so tall? I was looking at that picture of all of you, and was amazed! Holy cow! And lastly - nice job, Tyson! She's so cute!

The Enslingers said...

Oh my word! You are so stinkin cute! We definitely need to have a visit! I would love to see you in person all cute and preggers. And it would be awesome to see Carp and Trish and her new baby! Keep up the updates! I love em!


Megan said...

Your belly is still so tiny! I can't wait to see how things go.

Mike & London said...

chelsey you are the cutest pregnant girl i know. i love you and reading that made me miss you so much. im excited you are coming back. me and mike will probably be in rexburg for the rest of our lives haha so PLEASE hang out with us when you guys are back up here!!!! i want to see you! and if you have a baby shower i better get an invite! haha.

The Henry's said...

You look awsome! Your baby belly is adorable!And I love that dress...its very cute!

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