Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby showeR..and news!

So...some updates on my little baby situation. I went in to the doctor on Wednesday at 37 1/2 weeks. They weighed me and measured my belly, and I hadn't gained any weight and my belly hadn't grown! (it's measuring at 33 cm) Anyway, so he said I would have to go in and do an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay (me, not knowing anything, was a little nervous for it) Anyway, so I went in yesterday to the ultrasound and she said everything looked fine, he is right on track, and 7 lbs! I think that is so weird that he is that big inside of me right now. Well, she said since I had a long torso, he was just hiding really well inside of me. It was kind of a relief, and very fun to be able to see another ultrasound! She showed us his little face, and as soon as we saw it we both said, Wow, he has big lips! (I don't know if they just looked big from a side profile, or if he will have large lips) Anyway, right after we said that and were laughing, he covered his hands over his face and wouldn't move was kind of funny, and kind of got me excited to have him come out!!! Anyway---enough about all that, I had an awesome baby shower last Saturday in Idaho Falls with my mom's and dad's families and a few friends that live up there! It was so much fun, and thanks everyone who was able to make it!! So..this first little outfit is actually from another shower with friends. I have been saying I HAD to get one of these for the baby to wear to Matt's gameS!
Here is the back side...I love this!! this is not quite the finished product of the shelf above the dresser (we rearanged it quite a few times until it was perfect..ok my mom did) So, my mom had this shelf, and my aunt gave me the dresser and took it up to my uncle, who can make just about anything look fantastic, and he sprayed it and fixed it all up( my camera doesn't really do justice to how beautiful they both look) Okay, so then my mom, who is the craftiest woman I know(along with her sisterS) made all of the decorations to go along with it so it all matched the bedding! Soo fun!
And here is the crib..thanks to my parents we have one!...and the bedding that Matt picked out himself. It was so funny, about 4 months ago, we went to some stores in Salt Lake and were looking through all the different bedding, and from the first store he said this was the bedding we had to get! I was trying to talk him into some blue/brown combos...but he said if he got to pick out anything, this is what he wanted. So..this is what the decision was! I think it turned out awesome and I love the colors and of course the "sporty" look!
Here is a picture from the shower at my Aunt Cindy's beautiful house(her husband is the one who finished the shelf and dresser) is my mom showing off some of the awesome decorations she made! Thanks mom, and everyone else who helped out!! I have the room all set up, and the blankets washed, and closet organized, but really my mom did just about all of it! She is making getting ready for a baby way too easy, so thank you!

So, one more thing. A few people have been asking me if we have thought of a name yet, and the answer is NO! I'm really struggling with this. Matt said to me last night, so if you have the baby tonight...what are we going to name him, you know we have to come up with one some time. That made me a little nervous because there has not been one that I am totally in love with. I would love any suggestions...


SiKa FaMiLy said...

Oh how cute about his little lips and him getting shy and covering them up!!! It is so fun they really already have their own little personalities!!! SO happy everything is ok and baby is ok… Fun that you got to have a ultrasound… I love them too!!! That’s great you got his room all done, it feels good to feel like we are prepared a bit for our little ones to get here… Aww I just look cute because I am looking down in my photo!!! Salesi took one with me smiling at the camera and wow, prego!!! Ha ha so I put up the one that made me look better, of course!!! We are all ready now, after the visit I finished my bag, just in case… we even put our Christmas tree up… I love Christmas and it helps get us even more excited for this whole experience!!! Oh all your baby stuff is way adorable, love the crib, changing table, and crib set it is all awesome!!! So exciting!!!! Glad you had so much fun…. Well now all we have to do is the waiting part!!! YaY!!! I am so excited for us!!!! They will be here so soon… Oh good luck with the names… Maybe think of a place that you reminds you of when you and Matt were dating or a place that you met… that is what we did a little…. But then ended up with a totally different name, you’ll come up with one…. GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

Diana said...

I love the ISU shirt! Your room looks really cute, your Mom did a great job!

SiKa FaMiLy said...

Wow that would be so cool if we had our boys on the same day!!!! Yea I have had a lot of contractions.. For a few weeks now… but they are starting to get stronger… I get them pretty much anytime I move now and after sitting or lying down…. Do yours go away if you move or stay the same or get worse?? If they don’t seem to get better it could be gearing up for the big d-day!!! I have just started to get the lower more like period cramps for a few days now too… How is your back feeling??? Try not to be nervous, drink a lot of water too… My Dr. told me to avoid long car rides, so make sure you stop and empty your bladder and just relax… At least Matt will be with you if he decides to come out!!! :) he he Oh don’t be nervious it is exciting you have to keep me updated and everything!!!! Oh good luck…. Better get that name picked out just in case!!!!! He he GOOD LUCK MATT!!!! My hubbie has a game tonight, he is up in Paris I will wath it on TV... Oh the life of an athlete.. AWESOME!!!! :)

The "Hix" Family said...

So, so cute Chelsey. That is going to be one spoiled baby if you Mom and Dad have anything to do with it. I so wished that we could have been to your shower. It looks like you are so prepared and ready. Is there anything that you haven't received that you are in need of? Please let us know. Have a great day. Love, Jodie

The Henry's said...

I love the onesie that is so dang cute! And the shelf and dresser and all the stuff with it looks so great! I'm glad you got a ultrasound and your little guy is doing so great. My heart stopped for a second reading that! Don't worry too much about a name, maybe once you meet him a name will stand out to you. I know alot of people who had to wait to meet the baby to find a name that "fit".
And could you do me a huge favor and email me your address...we would love to send you guys a little something for your little guy.

Mennears said...

I am so excited for you guys! Good luck in the next couple weeks. You look so cute!

Tanya said...

Cute! You are so lucky to have such a hands on Mom!

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