Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doctors Appointment

So-- I went to the doctor this morning at 38 1/2 weeks and he said I am 60-70% effaced, and dialated 1 cm..I really wish it was more! Anyway, matt is supposed to go out of town on Monday so I am doing everything I can to get this baby to come early!! I have been having contractions off and on A lot!! They are just never strong enough!! All of the nurses at the doctor were telling me I should beg him to induce me or something, but obviously the doctor knows best and I should just be patient! for now I am walking a lot!!


SiKa FaMiLy said...

Clean the floors, :) ha ha That is what a lady at Church told me last week!!! Oh I feel like you too... Trying to make sure our hubbie's will be here for the big day.. mine is home this week, was gone last and will be gone next week.. all these away games!!!! I am ready too... Come on little boys get out already... That is good you are effacing already... we will keep our fingers crossed... every little thing my body does I am like, maybe this is the big day... but nope not yet... I am so anxious... How are you feeling? Any new pains or feelings down there? Well let me know... One of these days we will get on and one of us will have had our little guys... ohhh so so fun.. well hope you and Matt have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!:)

Robs&Jules Plus 1 said...

Chels...lets hope the baby comes before Matt leaves or after he gets back, right? The decorations are fun. I love little boys! Tell your mom hi for me!

Savannah said...

Chelsea--it's Savannah! Congratulations on your little baby. I am so excited for you! I sent you an invite to my blog. It's nice to see that everyting is going so well for you! Please tell your mom I said hi!

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