Friday, January 30, 2009

The many faces of COlton..

He only sleeps on the floor when Im changing his diaper if he is rrealllly this is not one we see too often!
Matt had to dress him in his Jordan outfit...even though it is a t-shirt and shorts in the middle of winter

Matt trying to teach him things...he is not paying any attention!
He is starting to smile!! A lot! However, I have yet to capture too many of those smiles!

Getting ready to go to Matt's game with his ISU outfit!
Colton has become sooo fun the past couple of weeks! He makes soo many noises and is growing soo much!! We went to Matt's game last night and he sat and watched the whole second half talking away! I love being his mom more than anything and wish I didn't have anything else to do but be with him!!! We have his 2 month doctor appointment coming up soon so we will have to see how he is growing!!


Becky said...

He is sure a cutie! I'm glad you are having so much fun with him. It looks like he is starting to get features like his dad. So glad to hear you are happy and doing well.

Dave and Ashley said...

Okay, he is freaking adorable!! That sucks really bad that you have class every night! You should definitely come support us whenever you can though. I think we are going to need all the support we can get! :)


Chels, what a beautiful, and handsome guys he his!!!!I love all of his little faces.. They are so cute! Don’t worry you will capture those smiles and it is so fun to have and look back at them.. Most of malik's are when he is just falling asleep and I have the ipone just staring at him and as soon as he smiles I click litk 30 times!! ha ha You can tell i don’t have anything else but just admire our little guy!!! ha ha :) So happy you guys are doing well... Give Colton a big hug and tell him his little buddy from Heaven says hi!!! he he :)

The Henry's said...

He seriously is a perfectly beautiful baby! I can't believe almost 2 months already. It gets better every single day.

Tanya said...

Chelsey he is seriously a really, really cute baby boy! You gotta keep making more!

Lynne Leifson said...

Colton is soooo cute. He does look like Matt - but he is also a Chambers!

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