Friday, January 2, 2009

Scrapbook PAge!


Winters said...

I love it especially the picture with his jersey over his head..are you so sad this is his last year!!! I hate watching kasey coach cause I want him to be playing. oh well your little guy is so stinkin cute.. oh and the work thing is probably a no go sad huh! we are planning on coming to the basketball game at Weber so we hopefully will see you there

The Henry's said...

Great pictures!!

Dave and Ashley said...

Chelsey! What the heck? You are going to let a little thing like giving birth to a child stop you from playing city league basketball with us?? Come on! We have to defend our title. This is our year!

Just kidding. But I really am sad that you aren't playing. I guess the whole having a kid thing is a good enough excuse... for this year. :)

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