Friday, January 16, 2009 has been a crazy couple of weeks! School started and I don't think I was quite ready. Oh well-life goes on!! Colton has been soo fun the past few weeks. He has started being soo much more alert and loves looking around everywhere with his big eyes!! He also loves finding things to suck this case he found his thumb but doesn't quite know how to curl his fingers up so his long fingers are covering his whole face!
Here is his little Nike outfit...he is not too happy in this one
Wide eyed!!
So, I got up and dressed Colton in his little Jordan outfit. Matt came downstairs a little bit later in his Jordan outfit--so dad is dressing like his son:)
Happy little guy
Mommy and Colton
5 generation picture with great great grandpa chambers and down the line!



He is so cute Chels, he is growing up... It is weird how fast they can change... You guys all look great, love his little Nike outfit, hope you’re getting enough sleep!!! Ha ha :)

Abby said... look so cute in these pictures and Colton is So adorable....oh my goodness we should hang out soon so I can see him!!

Anna said...

So cute. I love how he opens his eyes so much, and that you got it on camera. Sounds like you guys are doing well. That's great. Hope your hubby is doing awesome in bball.

Logan and Lis said...

Colton is so stinkin cute! It was good seeing you guys today at church. We need to hang out soon!

Camie and Beau said...

You are a beautiful family! Your little Colton is an absolute doll! It is great to see you guys are doing well!

Winters said...

Chels you look so good in all of these pics Colton is a doll we are plannning on coming to the Weber State game so I hope you'll be there with Colton:) we are so excited to see matt play and to see you and the baby! Jackson is excited to see is buddy!

Jennifer said...

How cute!! I have a great grandpa too! I hope he'll get to be a great-great grandpa soon! :o)

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