Monday, July 13, 2009

Being gooofy

All I can do is laugh at this picture!! Matt's mom has a wonderful we were playing around taking different pictures, anyway- Colton has this new smile (this isn't even has funny as it gets) He squints his eyes and makes his mouth go out as wide as possible. It is HILarIOus!

He occasionally throws out his old smile with his big mouth (I miss it)
Girls Night! Mikkel and Colty. He got to come to the first part of Girls Night while dad was working out...and of course he got all the attention in the world:)
All of us girls. So we are officially moved completely out of our apartment and Idaho:( I have met some great friends there and have loved my 5 years spent there!! I am not as sad as I would be because Matt's family still lives there so we will have Plenty of opportunities to stay there! I think I was mostly sad to put all of our stuff in a storage unit--pictures, Colton's cute crib and bedding, lots and lots of my clothes..etc. I guess we will find out hopefully in the next couple of weeks if we are going to be taking that stuff out of the storage unit or leaving it in there for another year! For now--we are just enjoying our time


Dave and Ashley said...

That new smile is so funny! Its like the Grinch who stole Christmas only a hundred times cuter! Haha..
Where are you moving to?

Lynne Leifson said...

The picture with him in the hat is soooo cute it makes me giggle every time I see it.

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