Thursday, July 30, 2009

So much to little time

Well..we have been enjoying time with family the past couple of weeks! We have been up with Matt's family this past week and got to go to Bear Lake and take Family PictureS! We are enjoying every moment we have to spend with family and friends :)
Here is Grandma Sari playing with Colton with his shades on. He loved the water and loved the sand between his fingerS!
Matt, Andy, and Brandon being nerds!!
Matt and I
The girls:) Sarah, Misty, me, and Annie!
This has become Colton's favorite place to his turtle in the water! We have taken him to the pool at my parent's house which is heated, so I didn't know how he would like the cold lake..but he loved it!
Everybody played Ultimate Frisbee in the shallow water near us..
Colton playing in the sand

My studdly little boy
Travis came with us for the weekend (my brother Tyson and his girlfriend Carli came up for the first day too) here we are trying to catch some rays (even though I had gallons of suncreen on) We don't look like we are from the same family because I am so white.
This is Matt AFTER being buried in the sand...
And there he is...

We also played Wiffle Ball (sp) and it was Hilarious trying to run the bases through all the water!

Okay--so onto our CUTE family pictures! I am so excited because we got family pictures with Matt's family and then in a week we are taking them with my family!! Lots of fun pictureS! These all turned out so cute, I could have put all 200 of them up..but I had to resist. Colton LOVED everyone talking to him getting him to smile, it was so fun.
Matt and Colton's favorite game!

All the girls...I love this background.

The boys:)
Grandkids...all boys Of course!
And I love love love this background

This is the view from Matt's parents house--so pretty.
Proud Grandpa!


Mike and London said...

love all the pictures!! i am so sad we will just miss you guys. good thing for i can stalk you and keep up with your new exciting life! tell your family hello for me. we are at the beach this week and it always reminds me of your family.


Your family photos are ADORABLE!!!! I love them all.... Colton looks sooo cute in all of them, just love his blue eyes.... Hope you are getting ready to come to Europe... when you guys come anywise... well good luck packing... :)

Cindy said...

awesome pictures. you had great weather for that and the lake!

Kassidy and Adam said...

you guys have such a cute family!! baby colton is so cute we just love looking at pics of him!!

Dave and Ashley said...

So... your husband gets to go play ball in Germany and suddenly we are not good enough to be on your blog list anymore? Cool. Real cool.
Just kidding. Your family pictures are so freaking cute!! You guys are adorable. Good luck with everything! That is so exciting! And a bit scary too I'm sure!

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