Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday TO matt :)

First of all, it is Matt's Birthday today!! Yay--the big 26 :) We celebrated yesterday because basically he had practice all day- we did get a 2 hour nap this afternoon when Colton layed down which was HEAVEN... And had some amazing German cake, but other than that it was pretty low key..

This weekend, I got to go babysit the Albrecht kids while they went to a dinner/dance (how fun!! too bad Matt had a game) Anyway, we played games, and had cereal for dinner (a very Non-German thing to do) and watched movies, then on Sunday Matt came up for church and we had dinner at their house! A genuine German meal--delicious! We had SO much fun with them, and We feel so blessed to have met them here! Anyway- they took us on a tour of Merseberg where there is a castle, and garden all over the grounds- way cool. And since pictures say a 1000 words--here are some of our day! First-- Here is Colton at the end of the exciting day!! Got to love it, even when I changed him into his PJ'S he was still sleeping like a baby.

Adorable little Hannah posing for the camera :)

Yes--we got all 5 kids up on that pole to snap one picture where everyone was looking!! OH, and Colton had a little accident in his pants upon arrival in MERseberg, so he went pantless-kind of cute with his chunky legs.

Our little family--the castle in the background.
The Albrecht family, Christian, Jodi, Hannah, Jentz, Max, and Heidi...Oh and if you will notice Christian's shirt, CHUBBUCK, and yes It is from the real Chubbuck, Idaho (he has a friend from there that gave it to him, so he wore it in honor of Matt, gotta love it)
Looks like a southern plantation

Don't stand in front of Colton when he is in his stroller or he will give you this sad face and reach his arms out..poor guy!
Love ALL the scenery!
So, there were berries along the way and the Albrecht's were eating them, so MATT tried them out and ruined his teeth for the rest of the pictures :) Oh well
The path through the gardens
Once again...I love the IVY on all of the buildings! Jentz wanted to be a part of our family :) They all say Colton looks like baby Jentz
There was a cage out in front with Ravens, and there is a story about how the king lost his ring and blamed it on one of his servents, and had him killed. He later found the ring in a ravens nest, so they put the ravens cage up in honor of the servant who died for no reason. Kind of cool
Rupunzel tower
The sign when entering the castle grounds!
They had a lot of cool doors..we liked taking pictures by all of them!
The cute kids...under a really short door!
Wishing well in the middle of the grounds

And more... Anyway- it was SUCH a fun day with the Ablrecht family, and we look forward to many more!
Colton's new toy..the greatest thing in the world!! So...Colton is basically standing up on everything, ripping everything off of the shelves, eating everything on the ground he sees, etc. etc...I feel like I can't cook, shower, get ready and leave him in a room by himself---so we went and got a walker, he absolutely LOVES it. He can follow us around all day and play, but not tear apart everything in the house while he is in it..we will see how long it lasts! new goal is to walk/jog at least an hour every day! It was alittle chilly one evening last week, so I bundled Colton up--and we still went! It's been such Great weather, but it's definitely turning into fall, a really nice fall :)
Matt brought home this we tried it on Colton thinking he would rip it off, but he kept it on all day-- so of course--I took pictures of it!
Colton at Matt's game--I brought my camera to take a bunch of pictures, but YUP-I took one! He loves going to the games though with all of the action going on in front of him.

Here he is...I caught him in action- and if you call his name..he will NOT turn around!!

So...we made another trip to my favorite EIS CAFE for KAtrin's birthday! This time I thought I would take a few pictures cause it's really is the bridge and the gate to the entrance!
The outside seating
Walking into the EISCAFE. Kind of a funny story though, the ice cream is all homemade and its soo good here...however, Matt decided to get a milkshake cause he had practice, and didn't want to eat too much. So MILKSHAKE he got, it was basically a glass of milk with some strawberry syrup in it, maybe they shook it up??? Who knows!
On one of Colton and I's lovely walks, I deciced to take some pictures of a few of my favorite places we pass by...

Colton on top of Weissnfels!SPORTING the Mohawk (fo-hawk?) If you can tell, his nose is a little red, maybe a little swollen...woops he fell again, this time off of a couch and smashed his face into a pole AT a team function. I can't control the little squirmer, so he is going to have to learn the hard way!
We went to the fanclub for a BBQ with all of the fans and the is MATT with a few of the fans..they are all so sweet!
Matt's teammate, Radenko, from Serbia, and YES this is his first time holding a baby he said! I think he kind of liked it.
Katrin and her MAN, Colton and Matt at the fanclub.
Inside of the fanclub, they have a museum next to it with all the newspaper clippings, old shoes, balls, etc. from past players! Pretty cool..

Anyway--I can't believe we have been here almost 2 months! My mom is coming to visit in 2 weeks and we are SOOO excited for some adventures with her! It is so funny, I feel like everything we do here turns into some kind of an adventure, but what would life be without adventures?? I'm keeping a list of little random things I notice about Germany that is soo very different from America--one of these days I will put it up here.


Stacy said...

Holy cow, that was so many pictures! Looks like you guys are having fun! Colton is still cute as ever.

Candice said...

Oh my goodness, your pictures are so beautiful! I am so jealouse you get to see all these neat places. I'm glad you making friends...I'm sure that makes it easier to be there :) Colton is so freaking cute! Really, he is one dang handsome boy!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! Yesterday was my brother's birthday too! I love all the pictures! You are visiting some BEAUTIFUL places! JEALOUS :) You all look great! We miss seeing you!

Mike and London said...

cute cute pictures!! colton is getting so big and he's so adorable. im glad you are having glad your mom is comin out to see you!!! i miss you chels!

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