Sunday, September 5, 2010

21 weeks!!! I am at ALMOST 21 weeks! I have been feeling a little bit better, but seriously I'm still throwing up---I guess girls have A LOT of hormones!

Anyway, we have actually been VERY busy since moving to Moscow (Matt is a little bit busier than Colton and I of course, but we have managed to find Lots to do!)

We have met a TON of awesome people! Our apartment complex is so full of kids and great people it has been fun.

Colton has FOR sure been keeping us busy...I don't know if this is just too big of a change for him but WOW!

About a week ago after we put him to bed, in comes Colton to the living room...WHAT? Over and over and over he climbed out of his crib. So...that night, we decided he had to be ready for a toddler bed, so we converted his crib into THIS:

Well, a week later and NO sleep for any of us unless he is in bed with us and even then it is tossing and turning, we decided he probably isn't quite ready for the toddler bed. My wonderful aunt is sending me a Crib Tent...I'm crossing my fingers it works!

Tonight we got a pack n' play from someone thinking maybe he would like it because that's what he has lived in since he was 7 months old. Matt made a little trap so he couldn't swing his leg over as easily..sure enough seconds after we put him in, he was out! Basically, our only hope is the crib tent!!!

Other than having really ROUGH nights, he has been SO fun during the day! He is getting quite the little personality...starting to finally talk a little bit and is such a good helper around the house. My mom sent a little package with a bunch of little plastic animals (like 50 of them) GREATEST gift ever! Every morning he runs right in to play with them...and it entertains him for Hours throughout the day!

He needs to work on opening his eyes when he smiles :)

Nope...I didn't get ONE with eyes open!!
Anyway-- Moscow is in such a pretty area! Over the weekend...Matt was able to spend a little more time at home because its 3 days!! We went on a hike with some friends in the most beautiful forest area..and I didn't bring my camera! We ARE going again when the leaves start changing colors!
One other thing I am Enjoying about this year (being in America) is FOOTBALL. We still miss being in Germany (and I always will :( ) But...there are definitely perks of being here :)
Anyway-- we are loving life!!! ----ok as soon as we get some sleep ----

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Liesl said...

Yay for being 21 weeks! :) I'm so excited for you! I swear everyones pregnant these days... I guess it's the thing to do! It's gonna make me baby hungry ;) haha.

Hopefully the crib tent will get here soon so you guys can all get some sleep! Colton is such a cutie :)

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