Monday, September 27, 2010

What I love

   I decided that I love to move.  Maybe it's not a good thing, but I don't think it's a bad thing.  When Matt decided to go to school up here, it wasn't even a question if I would or could handle it, of course I was going to go to a new place.  I keep thinking of all of the places that I have lived and people I have met in those places.  Had I not moved, I would never have had those experiences and met those people. 
   I love it up here.  It's probably not my choice in where I would want to live when we "grow up" but I have met some fantastic people and there is quite a bit to do with kids, and it's so close to so many trees and hills!  We'll see if I still love it when the winter rolls around!
   I love this baby inside my belly.  I think there is nothing better than laying in bed at night and feeling her little kicks (kind of big kicks now).  I think it is crazy how fast a mom can get attached to her baby before they are even born.  Although I am actually really scared to think of having another, I can not wait to meet her! 
   I love skype! :)  One thing that is hard about moving and living away is not being able to see family!  The one thing that has got us through last year (And going on this yeaR) is being able to talk to family on skype, mainly--them being able to see Colton! 
   I love the church.  I love that no matter where we have moved, we already have a group of friends and people that care about us and support us! 
   I love the two men in my life!  I can't imagine life without them and am so glad that no matter where we move or will move, they get to come along :)

  I don't know where that little tangent came from, but I'm pregnant and I have LOTS of feelings :) 
Since I have been sooo bad about taking my camera ANYWHERE,  I have taken a few pictures around the house!

Our little neighborhood park :)

    Funny story...I went to a girls night and left a little before Colton went to bed.  Us girls were talking about how the dads weren't as responsible as we were and that they didn't look after the children as well as we did.  We were kind of just joking around, but kind of serious.  Anyway, when we were about to leave, I looked at my phone and had a picture message of Colton (WAY worse than this one) of a bloody cut down his eye with a bruise around it.  Matt said, he fell off the chair when I was in the other room, and took it like a champ.  I had to laugh because we had just been talking about it!  This picture doesn't look bad at all, I just think it's funny because I kept saying close your eyes and show me your owie, and he was proud of it!


Stacy Christian said...

I love this post because I can totally relate! You should tell Matt to join the military! Seriously, moving has it's certain aspects that is annoying like packing, etc., but not knowing what to expect in the next place you live is exhilarating! It's a new challenge to meet people and an opportunity for change. I love it. And I love love love the church for those same reasons. It makes everything easier and less to worry about. I'm so glad you are liking it there!

Candice said...

That's great that you love to move. For some reason I get excited for a min and then completly fall apart when it comes time to actually move. I am not good with change. I just now caught up with your make such a cute prego girl! I'm sorry your still sick, but I'm glad you enjoy it at night :) Hang in have such a cute fam :)

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