Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall is here!

    The weather has been SOO awesome, this might almost be my favorite time of the year when you have to pull out the long sleeves and some comfy sweats...the only bad part is when you have a child who jumps sizes of clothing every 3 months so you have to go buy ALL new stuff :) 
   Anyway, I am really enjoyng Moscow and staying Really quite busy!  They have activities every day at the library, park, swimming pool and Colton and I are making the most of this semester doing as much as we can, because I'm afraid next semester we won't be getting out quite as much!  I am enjoying this time I have to spend with him and Love every second of it.  He is my little buddy and I feel like he is changing so much every day!
   Colton is back in his crib, and while we are waiting for the crib tent to get here, we met a little device so that he can't escape---I felt like a horrible mom at first, but he's back to his normal sleeping so I really think it was for his own benefit! 
    Matt is doing good.  He is one busy boy, I don't know if I could study 10 + hours every day, but he seems to be enjoying it.  He always makes time for us and Colton is starting to get excited when he comes home, he points at the door squealing and says "Dad, dad!"  I love it!

  Anyway--- I am going to get out and take some fun pictures before Winter hits :)

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The Crandizzles said...

What a cutie! I complained about having to buy new clothes but now that my boys have pretty much stopped growing and they're wearing out their clothes, I'm anxious for an excuse to buy new ones!

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